• Deciding Between Window Repair and Replacement

    What should you do if a window in your home is broken? If you are like most homeowners, your first reaction may be to replace the window. However, depending on the damage, you may not actually need a replacement window . In many cases, window repair is a more effective way to fix an issue with your window. It can be tricky to know exactly when a window is worth repairing or if the window should be replaced. This article will take a look at common window problems to help homeowners determine when a window should be repaired and when a window should be replaced.

    Broken Windows

    A broken window can be caused by a number of different things, and can vary in severity. Whether it is a crack, scratch, or chip, you may not want to be so quick to replace it. Many of these damages can be easily repaired. However, with a broken window, the decision will ultimately come down to what type of window it is. If the window is inexpensive, it might be easier—and cheaper—to replace it. On the other hand, if the window is high end or vintage, it should be repaired instead.

    Drafty Windows

    Many homeowners are quick to replace drafty windows because the assumption is that in the long run, there will be increased savings on utility bills. While it is true that properly sealed windows are more energy efficient, it does not necessarily mean that drafty windows should be replaced. Instead, repairing the caulking will result in more savings by not investing in new windows right away.

    Stuck Windows

    If a window does not function properly, such as sticking or not opening all the way, it likely needs to be repaired instead of replaced with new windows. If the window is older and not possible to repair, then windows should be replaced.

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