• Getting the Facts About Energy Saving Windows

    Windows are highly beneficial features to have in your home. These features allow in natural light, can make a space feel more open, and can add elegance to a room through their design and coverings. Unfortunately, windows can have the negative effect of reducing your home’s energy efficiency. Luckily, energy efficient windows offer you a way around this problem.

    You can augment your existing windows to be more energy efficient.

    Windows allow the sun’s rays to enter your home and heat its interior. They also permit some of your conditioned air to experience heat gain or loss through the window panes. If you are looking for ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency but are not ready to invest in all new windows for your home, there are other options available. You can improve the energy efficiency of your current windows by adding weatherstripping and caulking, incorporating insulating window treatments, and installing storm windows.

    You can decrease your energy usage with energy efficient windows.

    For homeowners who wish to significantly improve the energy efficiency of their home, new energy efficient windows are often the best choice. These windows provide your home with less solar heat gain, better comfort in front of windows, minimized air leakage, and reduced window condensation. While replacing all of the windows is the most effective course, you can also benefit by replacing only those that suffer the most heat loss and gain. Talk to an experienced window installation contractor about the best locations to replace the windows in your home.

    You can look for different features in energy saving windows.

    When choosing your new energy efficient windows, opt for those that are EnergyStar qualified. They should also feature insulated window glass, thermal barriers, and high-quality sealants. Finally, look for windows that can protect your home from heat gain in the summer, but can take advantage of the sun’s rays to help warm your home in the cooler months.

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  • Factors to Consider When Choosing Energy Efficient Doors

    In older homes, exterior doors—including sliding doors—can have faulty seals, which allow cold air inside during the winter months, and let cooler air out during the summer months. Doors that have been improperly installed or sealed, or that are not insulated, are also culprits. Uncontrolled air leakage in your home can cause your monthly energy bills to soar. If this is an issue in your home, replacing your existing doors with energy-efficient ones can help. Here are some factors to consider when choosing new doors.

    Insulated Doors Are the Most Effective Doors

    When choosing to replace your front or back door, go with one that is manufactured with a steel or fiberglass casing and an insulated core of polyurethane foam or a similar material. This type of door is actually more insulating than a solid wood door of the same size and depth.

    Choose Patio Doors Wisely

    Patio doors are usually made mostly of glass—a feature that’s meant to highlight garden spaces and to bring the outdoors in. The most popular types of patio doors are French doors and sliding glass doors. Since glass tends to be a poor insulator, most standard patio doors are not very energy efficient. However, there are glass doors on the market today that are very well insulated. So, if you have an old sliding door that you want replaced, you can opt for a new door that has an insulated frame, several layers of glass, and specialized coatings.

    Add a Storm Door

    If your existing entry door is still serviceable and is in relative good condition, consider adding a storm door instead of replacing your entry door. In combination with good weatherstripping, storm doors can help keep your home energy efficient.

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