Is Now the Time to Replace Your Windows?

Although windows are built to be sturdy, nothing lasts forever, and eventually, your windows will need to be replaced. Windows that are exposed to strong winds on a regular basis tend to wear out more quickly than windows in other areas, but every home will need replacement windows at some point. Are your windows trying to tell you that now is the time to swap them out for some new models? Consider getting replacement windows if you notice these signs.

Your energy bills are high.

If your energy bills seem to get higher every month, look to your windows. Older windows lack the insulation of newer ones, and that means that heat and cool air is flowing in and out of them. Getting energy efficient windows will reduce your energy costs while making your home more comfortable by keeping your AC inside during the summer and your heat in during the winter.

Your home survived a severe storm.

Storms are inevitable, and every home goes through them from time to time. However, if your home went through a significant weather event, like a major hurricane, your windows could have been weakened, even if they didn’t break. Look for warping, bowing, or other signs of damage, or consider having your windows inspected by a professional. It is better to replace weakened windows now than deal with the cleanup of broken windows when the next storm arrives.

You’re renovating your home.

When you’re renovating your home, don’t forget to consider replacing your windows. Adding a bay window or adding additional windows to open up your room to a great view can have a dramatic impact on your home’s appearance. Talk to a window replacement company about the different types of windows you can include in your design.

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