FAQs About Vinyl Siding

Vinyl replacement windows have long been popular, but many homeowners have traditionally stayed away from vinyl siding because they think it comes in limited colors or can’t stand up to the environment. Today’s vinyl siding is nothing like it has been in the past, and the reputation it once had is no longer deserved. Are you considering taking the plunge with vinyl siding for you home? Here are the answers to some questions that may be on your mind.

Won’t vinyl siding limit my color options?

Choosing vinyl siding no longer means that you must have a beige home. Today’s vinyl siding comes in a range of colors, including deep, rich colors that were once thought impossible to get in vinyl. No matter what color you want to choose for your home, there is a good chance you can find it available in vinyl siding.

Is vinyl siding vulnerable to wind damage?

Every kind of siding is vulnerable to wind damage in some way. However, most kinds of vinyl siding are tested to withstand winds up to 110 miles per hour. Reinforced vinyl siding can stand up to even stronger winds, including category 5 hurricanes. The good news is that if your vinyl siding is damaged, it is much easier—and affordable—to fix than other kinds of siding.

Does vinyl siding require a lot of maintenance?

Compared to other kinds of siding, vinyl is very low maintenance. It typically only needs to sprayed with a cleaning solution and brushed with a soft-bristled brush about once per year. Power washing is not necessary. Vinyl retains color for much longer than traditional paint, so you can expect it to look as vibrant as when it was installed for a long period of time.

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