A Guide to Your Patio Door Options

Patio doors are a beautiful addition to any room. They invite in extra light and provide a view of the outside surroundings that you can enjoy throughout the year. Sliding patio doors offer a combination of form and function, giving you the look you want for your room while conserving space. If you are considering installing a patio door, here is a look at the different design options from which you can choose.

Classic Style

Classic style patio doors are simple and timeless in their design. They feature five-inch rails and blend seamlessly into any décor style. These sliding doors move quietly and are easily customized with a variety of decorative handle options. A classic-model door is budget friendly and easy to install, thanks to its understated style. You can choose from different levels of solar protection, based on your budget and the placement of the doors.

Contemporary Style

If you’re looking for a more dramatic style, consider a contemporary patio door. These doors have symmetrical, three-inch rails and clean lines, providing striking elegance. Although the style of these doors is inspired by contemporary design, they can easily work with many different décor styles and are especially at home in formal living rooms and other upscale areas of the house. As with classic-style doors, contemporary patio doors are available with a variety of decorative handles and different levels of solar protection.

French Style

If you want French-style patio doors but don’t want to give up the extra space required for the wide swing of the doors, you can get the look with a sliding door. French-style sliding doors have five-inch top rails, seven-inch bottom rails, and three-inch side rails for increased aesthetic appeal, and they are available with French door-inspired decorative handles in multiple finishes. As with other patio doors, multiple solar protection options are available.

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