A Homeowner’s Guide to Soffits and Fascias

It’s your job to keep your house in shape and maintain your home’s curb appeal, and understanding your soffits and fascias will come in handy. Understanding what makes your window treatments, roof, and exterior of your home attractive helps you build up your curb appeal. Here’s a homeowner’s guide to soffits and fascias.

What You Need to Know

Soffit and fascia aren’t necessarily terms that every homeowner knows, although it would do them well to learn about them. The words soffit and fascia are used to describe two separate—although similar and linked—elements of the exterior of the house. When you look at your house from the street, the soffit may be the first thing you see. This is a board that hangs below the roof and its fascia, and it’s often ventilated. The fascia board follows the lower edge of the roof and helps to support the lower row of roof tiles and the gutter system.

Who You Can Work With

If you have a problem with your soffits or fascias, you should call the professionals instead of trying to resolve the issue by yourself. Your soffits and fascias can contribute to your curb appeal just as much as your window treatments and sliding doors can, so it pays to take care of them. Your door and window professionals may be able to help you determine what’s wrong with your soffits and fascias and restore your curb appeal.

How to Recognize Problems

Take a moment to walk out to the curb and look back at your home or workplace when you can. Do you notice any deterioration? Since soffits and fascias are typically noticeable from the curb, make sure they’re always in shape. A problem with your soffits may affect your ventilation, so keep that in mind if your energy bills are fluctuating.

Is there still more you’d like to know about soffits and fascias? Call the Window World team at (407) 734-2996 if you have any questions. Our garage doors, vinyl windows, and window treatments near Orlando will bring up your curb appeal and make maintenance easier.

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