• Take a Closer Look at Window World’s Sliding Windows

    All windows accomplish the same basic goals: to let in natural light, allow views of the outdoors, and improve ventilation. But some windows are more stylish, functional, and well-made than others, and when you choose Window World for your replacement windows, you can select from an extensive variety that meet all of those criteria. One popular option is our sliding windows , which instantly adds sophistication to any room.

    Smooth, Consistent Operation

    Unlike most windows, sliding windows open horizontally. One window pane remains stationary, and the other sash easily slides to the side to let in the fresh air. Some people find that horizontally opening windows are easier to manage, and our sliding windows guarantee smooth, reliable operation. Our product features a pull rail and a dual roller system, which has an adjustable height setting.

    Energy Efficiency

    Here at Window World, energy efficiency is among our top priorities because we understand that your priorities include low utility bills and an eco-friendly home. We’re proud to announce that our sliding windows meet the Energy Star zone requirements. They feature our SolarZone insulated glass packages, which help keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

    Fine Craftsmanship

    The mainframe and vinyl sash of our sliding windows are fully welded for superior strength. Take a close look at the stylish beveled edge on the exterior, and then take a step back to see how it complements the overall sleek design of the window. This classic design is available in a range of finishes, so you’re sure to find an option that fits your home flawlessly. Choose a white or almond finish for the interior, or go for a natural look with our woodgrain patterns:

    • Natural Oak
    • Hillside Oak
    • Colonial Cherry

    Our sliding windows are also available in a wide range of exterior palette options.

    • White
    • Almond
    • Bronze
    • Cream
    • Clay
    • Silver
    • Cocoa
    • Black
    • Forest Green

    For more information about our sliding windows, call Window World at (407) 734-2996. We would be pleased to schedule your free estimate for replacement windows in your Orlando-area home. Be sure to ask us about our window financing options.

  • Main Types of Windows

    With all the different types of windows available, it can be tricky to identify the right replacement windows for your home. You can get a basic introduction to the different types by watching the accompanying video. You’ll learn that bay windows are distinctive for their outward projection from the wall. These are commonly used in kitchen nooks.

    The other types of windows covered in this video include corner, gable, and dormer windows. You’ll also learn about clerestory and casement windows. Although this video doesn’t discuss custom windows, a knowledgeable installer can share more information about them.

    You can count on the team at Window World to give you the guidance you need to select the perfect replacement windows for your home in Orlando. Give us a call today at (407) 734-2996.

  • DIY Home Energy Audits: What to Know and Where to Check

    Every homeowner and landlord should have an energy audit performed. Home energy audits identify problem areas in the building that force HVAC systems to work harder than they should. This means homeowners can determine which steps to take to improve their home’s energy efficiency, such as by putting in new, energy-saving windows and doors, or adding more insulation. You could hire a professional to do a home energy audit for you, or you could take a DIY approach.

    Doing the Dollar Bill Test

    One very quick way to test your doors for energy efficiency is to use the dollar bill test. Open the door and hold the bill next to the frame. Close the door on the bill. When you pull the bill out, see if it puts up much resistance. If it doesn’t drag, you’re losing air there.

    Performing a Smoke Test

    You can use the smoke test to check for air leaks around both windows and doors. First, close everything that leads to the outside, including windows, doors, and flues. Open all of the interior doors, and turn on everything that emits air from the inside to the outside. These include your clothes dryer, stove hood vent, and bathroom fans. Ignite a stick of incense and move it along every door and window frame. Do the same to electrical outlets and switch plates that are located on exterior walls. As you do this, watch the smoke to see how it behaves. If there’s an air leak, you’ll notice the smoke blowing around abnormally.

    Fixing Problems

    Sometimes, adding some extra caulk around your windows and doors just isn’t enough to stop air leaks. And if you have older windows and doors, they probably won’t meet today’s energy efficiency standards. Consider looking into window financing to help you replace these outdated features. Energy-efficient windows and well-built doors will pay for themselves in utility savings.

    When you’re fed up with high utility bills, it’s time to talk to the folks at Window World. We install energy-efficient windows and doors in Orlando. Give us a call today at (407) 734-2996, and let us know how we can help with your home improvement goals.

  • A Look at Window World’s 4000 Series Windows

    When you’re as serious about new windows and doors as we are at Window World , you have all kinds of products for your customers to choose from. One set of energy-saving windows we’re proud to offer is our 4000 Series. Read on for a look at Window World’s 4000 Series windows.

    If you want a perfect blend of durability, energy efficiency, and home comfort, then take a look at Window World’s 4000 Series. These double hung windows will last for years, and it won’t take much maintenance to keep them in shape over time. Thanks to the energy efficiency the windows add to the home, you’ll also save money on your bills and keep your home more consistently comfortable. Our 4000 Series windows are also sleek and aesthetically attractive, so be sure to check out what Window World has in stock when making a decision.

    This is only one series out of the vast array of new windows in Orlando that we have to offer. Contact Window World or check out our website to learn about our window financing options. If you have any questions, you can reach us by giving us a call at (407) 734-2996.