Tips for Choosing Your Home’s Exterior Color Palette

The exterior of your home is what gives visitors and passersby their first impressions of the house, so you want to make it count. Different types of windows , outdoor window treatments, and garage doors all bring their own colors and styles to your overall design. Read ahead for some tips for choosing your home’s exterior color palette.

Look at Your Neighbors

If you’re planning on changing up your exterior home design, you should first decide whether you want to fit into the neighborhood or stand out from it. Some neighborhoods have a strict policy that requires your home design to fit in, but others let homeowners do whatever they want with their palettes. Once you decide which camp you’re in, you can either choose a palette that matches your neighborhood but fits your home or one that will make yours the most recognizable home on the block.

Consider Your Options

Your home can be as colorful as you want it to be. Certain elements, like your doors, vinyl windows, and siding, will bear most of this color. Consider what materials you’d like in your doors and windows, and look at the options you have to choose from. New windows and doors come in a surprising range of colors and design styles, so you might have a broader range of options than you think. Your siding will also be a huge contributor to your curb appeal, so think about what kind of backdrop you want for your windows and doors to fit into.

Keep It All Cohesive

Some people like to fit in, and others like to stand out. Either way, you’ll probably want to create a cohesive home design. Make sure your windows, doors, siding, roof, and shutters all show colors that work together to combine into one cohesive palette.

The types of windows and garage doors near Orlando that you choose for your home will play a considerable role in your curb appeal, so choose wisely with the help of Window World’s team of experts. Check out our website or call us at (407) 734-2996 to learn about our quality products and services .

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