• Brighten Your Kitchen or Bathroom with an Indoor Window Box

    If you have been looking for a way to utilize your replacement windows, then consider adding a window box to the sill. Window boxes can be found inside and outside windows, and they can be filled with anything you might think of. Window boxes can also be added to almost any type of window you might have in your kitchen or bathroom.

    Window boxes often hold a small garden, usually for herbs. This can freshen up your kitchen or bathroom with different colors and smells. If you prefer a different look, then use your window box to hold decorations. A window box can hold seashells, vintage bottles, or candles. Whatever you think will brighten up your space, your window box can probably hold.

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  • Identifying and Cleaning Points of Contact in Your Home

    Points of contact are areas of your home that you come into contact with often, such as your sliding door, door knobs, and faucets. These are just a few of the many points of contact you can find around your home. Watch this “Clean My Space” video to learn more.

    Once you have identified the different areas of your home that you touch regularly, you will want to disinfect and clean them often. This regular task will help keep germs out of your home and away from your family.

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  • Choosing the Best Window Style for Your Space

    There are so many different types of windows available that it may seem impossible to choose to right style for your home. There are energy-efficient windows, accent windows, and countless other styles to choose from. Here are some simple and helpful tips to use when navigating the vast world of window styles:

    Reflect Your Home’s Architecture

    Your home’s architecture will influence the type of window style you choose. For example, many modern and contemporary homes will have long, rectangular windows, possibly bay windows that reach from the floor to the ceiling. Tudor style homes or Victorian homes will often have smaller, diamond-oriented window shapes. Consider your home’s architecture and how best your window choice will reflect it.

    Determine Your Windows’ Purpose

    The style of your windows may also depend on their purpose. If you are looking for a simple accent windows, then consider where they will be placed. If a window is above a door, overlooking a wall cutout, or framing another window, then you may prefer to use any type of shape and glass design you want. If you are updating to more energy-efficient windows, then you may prefer windows with double or triple panes and vinyl frames.

    Decorate Your Windows’ Frames

    Colored window frames can influence the style of your home and windows. Vinyl windows can come in a multitude of colors and designs to match whichever style or color you choose. Wooden frames also come in different wood colors and stains, but your options may be more limited due to the types of woods that are used. The frames of your windows will be present inside and outside of your home, so ensure you are choosing the right color or design to match both areas.

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