What Does Fog Mean for Your Window?

Window fog can be a normal occurrence, but it depends on where the fog is located. If you notice fog on the exterior or interior of your energy-efficient windows, then you simply have an excess amount of humidity in your home or outside of the house. This excess moisture can easily come from a long shower, cooking, or possibly an air conditioner that needs maintenance. However, if you see window fog between the panels of your window, then you may have cause for concern.

Energy-efficient windows are usually double or triple-paned. These multiple panes create pockets and barriers that keep your home insulated in the winter and summer months. If you notice window fog between the window panes—meaning you are not able to reach the spot or wipe away the condensation—then you need a window replacement. When this type of window fog occurs, it usually means the seals that keep your windows energy-efficient have broken, become worn down, or were improperly installed.

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