The Homeowner’s Guide to Selecting a New Entry Door

Your entry door requires a little more strength than your back door, which may only be a sliding door. Entry doors need to have a little more strength and style to truly protect and represent you and your family.

Determine Your Preferred Material

Doors are made in several different materials, typically wood, fiberglass, aluminum, and steel. Each material has different features and maintenance requirements that may influence your choice in a new door. Steel doors are very strong and will be your best choice if security is a concern. Fiberglass doors are great in the humid climate of Orlando, and they require no maintenance. Wood doors are some of the most common, though they may require some maintenance to stay in good shape through the years. Aluminum doors will never rust, and they typically come with a long warranty.

Consider Your Personal Style

Choosing a new door will also be determined by the type of door and size you desire. As you have a choice between sliding doors and French doors to reach your backyard, you also have a choice of what entry door you would like. Typically, entry doors come in a single panel or French doors. If you choose French doors, then be aware that your doorframe will probably need to be altered to accommodate the enhanced size. Single panels can also be custom-made or fit a standard-size doorframe.

Find the Right Hardware and Features

Part of choosing your new entry door also comes down to the type of hardware and potential features you want. Door handles, door colors, and accent window panels will influence how your entry door looks. There are many types of window glass to install in your door, such as frosted, leaded, and other styles. There are also many color options, including paints, stains, and various types of finishes that may change the look of your door.

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