Make the Most Out of Your Bathroom’s Natural Light Using These Tips

Whether you are outfitting your bathroom with a skylight or replacement window , you want to utilize the natural light coming in however you can. Natural light can create a soft appearance throughout your bathroom, or it can brighten a room with sharp clarity. It all depends on how you decorate your bathroom and plan out how you wish to use your natural lighting.

Tip #1: Use Bright Colors

Natural light brings the best out of bright colors. Take this opportunity to paint or wallpaper your walls in bright and bold colors that will make your bathroom pop. You may also consider installing colored tiles or bathroom appliances instead of painting the walls. Hanging brightly-colored window treatments is another way to make the most out of natural light. These pops of color will help bring your personality out through your bathroom décor and by the light of your new windows.

Tip #2: Add Plant Life

Plant life, such as potted palm trees or hanging vines, help to complete the look of a natural-looking bathroom. With the natural light shining through your windows, in addition to a distinct green plant, you and your guests will feel like you are walking into a tropical paradise every time you enter your bathroom.

Tip #3: Install Frosted Windows

Frosted window installations are the perfect choice for aesthetic reasons but also for privacy reasons. If you want to allow in natural light, but keep your bathroom private to the outside, then frosted glass is the perfect choice. Frosted glass is a beautiful addition to any bathroom, because it creates a soft and calm feeling as the sun shines through. It is the perfect blend of aesthetically-pleasing and private, all in one window.

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