• What Does Fog Mean for Your Window?

    Window fog can be a normal occurrence, but it depends on where the fog is located. If you notice fog on the exterior or interior of your energy-efficient windows, then you simply have an excess amount of humidity in your home or outside of the house. This excess moisture can easily come from a long shower, cooking, or possibly an air conditioner that needs maintenance. However, if you see window fog between the panels of your window, then you may have cause for concern.

    Energy-efficient windows are usually double or triple-paned. These multiple panes create pockets and barriers that keep your home insulated in the winter and summer months. If you notice window fog between the window panes—meaning you are not able to reach the spot or wipe away the condensation—then you need a window replacement. When this type of window fog occurs, it usually means the seals that keep your windows energy-efficient have broken, become worn down, or were improperly installed.

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  • Cleaning Windows Like the Pros

    All types of windows need cleaning, preferably without streaks. If you want to learn how to clean like the professional window washers, grab a bucket, a microfiber scrubbing pad with a squeegee, a microfiber cloth, and some dish cleaning liquid.

    Watch the video for the simple and effective way to clean your windows. Soak your scrubbing pad with a mixture of warm water and the dish soap. Apply it to your old or new windows in an S pattern, going from side to side from the top. Squeegee the water off in close rows, moving from one side to the other. Use the microfiber cloth to wipe off the frame.

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  • Make the Most Out of Your Bathroom’s Natural Light Using These Tips

    Whether you are outfitting your bathroom with a skylight or replacement window , you want to utilize the natural light coming in however you can. Natural light can create a soft appearance throughout your bathroom, or it can brighten a room with sharp clarity. It all depends on how you decorate your bathroom and plan out how you wish to use your natural lighting.

    Tip #1: Use Bright Colors

    Natural light brings the best out of bright colors. Take this opportunity to paint or wallpaper your walls in bright and bold colors that will make your bathroom pop. You may also consider installing colored tiles or bathroom appliances instead of painting the walls. Hanging brightly-colored window treatments is another way to make the most out of natural light. These pops of color will help bring your personality out through your bathroom décor and by the light of your new windows.

    Tip #2: Add Plant Life

    Plant life, such as potted palm trees or hanging vines, help to complete the look of a natural-looking bathroom. With the natural light shining through your windows, in addition to a distinct green plant, you and your guests will feel like you are walking into a tropical paradise every time you enter your bathroom.

    Tip #3: Install Frosted Windows

    Frosted window installations are the perfect choice for aesthetic reasons but also for privacy reasons. If you want to allow in natural light, but keep your bathroom private to the outside, then frosted glass is the perfect choice. Frosted glass is a beautiful addition to any bathroom, because it creates a soft and calm feeling as the sun shines through. It is the perfect blend of aesthetically-pleasing and private, all in one window.

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  • The Homeowner’s Guide to Selecting a New Entry Door

    Your entry door requires a little more strength than your back door, which may only be a sliding door. Entry doors need to have a little more strength and style to truly protect and represent you and your family.

    Determine Your Preferred Material

    Doors are made in several different materials, typically wood, fiberglass, aluminum, and steel. Each material has different features and maintenance requirements that may influence your choice in a new door. Steel doors are very strong and will be your best choice if security is a concern. Fiberglass doors are great in the humid climate of Orlando, and they require no maintenance. Wood doors are some of the most common, though they may require some maintenance to stay in good shape through the years. Aluminum doors will never rust, and they typically come with a long warranty.

    Consider Your Personal Style

    Choosing a new door will also be determined by the type of door and size you desire. As you have a choice between sliding doors and French doors to reach your backyard, you also have a choice of what entry door you would like. Typically, entry doors come in a single panel or French doors. If you choose French doors, then be aware that your doorframe will probably need to be altered to accommodate the enhanced size. Single panels can also be custom-made or fit a standard-size doorframe.

    Find the Right Hardware and Features

    Part of choosing your new entry door also comes down to the type of hardware and potential features you want. Door handles, door colors, and accent window panels will influence how your entry door looks. There are many types of window glass to install in your door, such as frosted, leaded, and other styles. There are also many color options, including paints, stains, and various types of finishes that may change the look of your door.

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  • Selecting Window Treatments for Your New Windows

    Having new windows installed will bring a new sense of style to your home, and it can improve your efficiency as well. If you want to make the most of your new windows, be sure to put some thought into the window treatments you have available to you. Keep reading for help in selecting window treatments for your new windows.

    A new window might be just what you needed to change up your design and improve your efficiency, but what do you do regarding window treatments? When it comes time to choose blinds, shades, curtains, or other window treatments, think about the design that already exists throughout your home. You can use elements of this established style when choosing your window treatments to create a unique and cohesive look for your home. Consider the context in order to create the atmosphere of your dreams.

    If you are in the market for new window treatments near Orlando, feel free to call Window World at (407) 734-2996. Our window specialists can help you find the perfect insulated windows for your need. Please do not hesitate to stop by or visit our website if you’d like to learn more about our services.