• Tips for Choosing a New Window

    Windows come in a variety of styles and materials, and can also provide different functions. If you are looking for a replacement window for your home, you may be wondering what types of windows are available and which one make the most sense for your needs.

    When choosing your new window, first consider its function. Some windows offer superior protection against noise, moisture, breakage, and heat loss or gain. Once you know what you want your window to provide for your home, next you should think about what materials you’d prefer. Typical window frame materials include wood, vinyl, and aluminum.

    Lastly, you’ll need to select a window style. If you are replacing only one window, you may want your new one to match the appearance of the rest of your home’s windows. If you are replacing all of your windows, a few popular styles include bay, double-hung, awning, garden, and sliding windows.

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  • Your Door and Window Options

    When it comes to types of windows, there is a wide variety to choose from to suit your needs, preferences, and budget. Watch this video to learn about your new door and window options.

    Because their material is highly resistant to water damage like rotting and mildew, vinyl windows are ideal for people who live in rainy climates or along the coast. A few other options you will frequently see are wood, aluminum, and energy-efficient windows.

    Doors generally fall into two categories: interior and exterior. Interior doors are lightweight and require no weather proofing. Exterior doors protect against drafts, are proofed against moisture, and should look attractive.

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  • What Are the Common Causes of Window Fog?

    If you have noticed fog forming on or inside of your windows, there are a few different causes that may be to blame. Some reasons for window fog require a replacement window to repair while others can be easily fixed.

    Poor Ventilation

    Today, new homes are constructed to offer superior insulation. While this improves energy efficiency, it also means that much of the moisture inside your home will say there unless you take steps to manage your indoor air’s humidity. If you notice that fog forms around the corners of your windows when the outdoor temperature drops, this is an indicator that there are high levels of humidity inside your home. When left alone, the moisture condensation can lead to mold and mildew growth on your windows. To reduce moisture levels in your home, open one window for a few minutes each day, turn on a dehumidifier, or run your bathroom fans.

    Deteriorating Seals

    Over time, the seals on your windows can break down and allow outside air to penetrate the space between the layers of glass. When this occurs, you will usually see fog developing between the panes of glass as a result of the outside air’s moisture condensing into droplets. Luckily, a failed moisture seal can be repaired by installing a new panel, rather than a completely new window.

    Leaking Gas

    Insulated windows are often constructed to hold Argon gas in between the layers of glass. The Argon’s purpose is to act as an insulator between the outside and inside air. If fog forms on the interior side of the window and in the center of the glass, your window probably has a gas leak. Without the Argon gas, your window may no longer offer much insulation, and you should consider installing a replacement window.

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  • The Benefits of Installing Double-Hung Windows

    Are you looking for replacement windows , but are not sure where to begin? With all of the types of windows available, it can be hard to make a decision. Double-hung windows offer several benefits, are available in aluminum, wood, and vinyl, and are the most popular choice for new windows.


    One of the most significant benefits that come with double-hung window installation is their design. These windows can be operated from either the top or bottom section, while with single-hung, only the bottom section can be opened. Because you can maneuver both the lower and top segments, cleaning your windows becomes much easier. By rotating your windows in, you can easily access the top and the bottom of each half.


    Because their frames are available in a variety of materials, this makes double-hung windows an excellent choice for both new construction and as replacement windows. These windows are attractive and can be found in a style to fit in well with nearly every type of home, and double-hung vinyl windows are available in a wide range of color choices. As an added benefit, double-hung window panes consist of two or three layers of glass, making them an ideal choice for homeowners who are interested in energy efficiency. Double-hung windows are one of the oldest available windows styles, offering traditional beauty and providing advanced function.


    When you can open both the top and bottom sections of your windows, your home can benefit from better ventilation and improved energy efficiency. Opening both panes will allow warm air to flow out the top half and cooler air to flow in through the bottom. Additionally, keeping only the top section open offers a measure of safety if you have small children in your family.

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