• Bay Window Cleaning Strategies

    Bay windows are beautiful assets to homes, offering ample amounts of natural light, and, in most cases, serving as focal points in rooms. Since these window units tend to be larger, oddly shaped, and more complex than other types of window , bay windows require more effort to clean and maintain. For example, you may need a customized glass-cleaning squeegee that specifically fits the dimensions of the panels of your bay window, which you may be able to find at your local hardware store—though, most likely, you’re going to have to modify one yourself. For the best results, use a soft brush and a natural sponge to clean your windows.

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  • What Color Should You Paint Your Exterior Door?

    Like any design choice you’ve made, or that you’re going to make, go with what looks good to you. For a traditional or classical look for an exterior door, choose wood tones or shades of black, respectively. For the more adventurous, go with something bold and unexpected. If you’re planning to have a new door installed, be sure to opt for a door style that complements your home’s overall style and design aesthetic. Watch this video for more ideas on what color to paint your exterior door.

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  • The Impact of Your Windows on Your Interior Design

    Your windows are highly practical, allowing natural light to bathe the inside of your home. They can also be impressive statements such as an antique stained glass piece or a regal bay window. Here are some of the ways your windows impact your home’s interior design. Enlist the help of a window professional if you’re planning a home remodel or window-replacement project.

    Windows Bring in Natural Light

    Windows are invaluable in homes, bringing in much needed sunlight to what are essentially closed-off, contained spaces. Homes that are illuminated with a lot of natural light feel cozy and relaxing, and right. If you have the means to build your home from the foundation up, be sure you come up with a design that incorporates many windows.

    Vary Window Sizes, Styles, and Shapes

    When it comes to the types of windows you can choose for your home, the sky really is the limit. Follow your own design aesthetic and sensibilities, or hire an interior designer to take the lead. There is no universal design rule when it comes to windows. Choose windows that are practical, and that feel right to you. In nontraditional spaces, or rooms that are oddly shaped, experiment with a combination of window shapes and sizes. Also, be sure to utilize skylights and clerestory windows for dramatic effect.

    Install Windows That Compliment Your Home or Room

    Work closely with your architect, window contractor, and interior designer when designing your home. Choose windows that compliment your home’s overall style—or the style of a themed or specialty room. Place windows around your home that maximize the light from the sun throughout the day.

    Dress Your Windows

    Window treatments are important design concerns. Frame your windows with architecturally interesting valances and curtains, and be mindful when choosing blinds, shutters, or other window dressings.

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  • Questions to Ask Your Window Replacement Company

    When one of your home’s windows is damaged beyond your capacity to repair it yourself, it’s time to call a professional to have replacement window installed. Be sure to work with a reputable window replacement company in Central Florida that you can trust, and that is knowledgeable about all of the types of windows on the market today, as well as being able to answer these important and relevant questions regarding windows.

    What Needs to Be Replaced?

    If you have a broken window in your home, you have to figure out whether your need to replace the entire window, or if you just need to replace its damaged components. Your trusted window replacement technician can fill you in on what your project entails—that is, if you simply need to replace the glass pane or a part of the frame, or if you have to replace the entire window. If the latter is the case, consider upgrading to an energy-efficient, insulated window.

    Which Replacement Window Is Right for My Home?

    When you’re planning to install a new window for your home, you need to do your research. If you own a historic home, a period-appropriate wooden window, replete with period-appropriate manufactured glass, is the answer. Otherwise, opt for the most energy-efficient, state-of-the-art window your budget can afford. Your window replacement professional can suggest the right window for your home, taking into account your home’s location and sun exposure potential, as well as your area’s climate and microclimates.

    What Are My Energy-Efficiency Options?

    In this eco-friendly age, the best windows for your home are ENERGY STAR-rated windows, which are recommended by the United States’ Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency. These windows can help to lower your month energy bills, and they can earn you governmental or municipal rebates upon proof of installation. Consult with your window contractor to learn your options.

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