• The History of Window World

    With a locally owned and operated location in Central Florida, it may surprise you to learn that Window World is part of one of the largest home improvement companies in the country. Originally started in North Carolina in 1995, Window World has kept true to its mission with each and every location. The mission being: provide superior replacement window product installed by a professional craftsman, with guaranteed low prices.

    At Window World, each service performed—from window installation to window treatments to garage door installation—is done with the customer in mind. It is the mission of Window World to provide the best service and product on the market while offering the lowest prices available.

    Whether you have a small project or a whole home renovation, Window World is here to provide the best replacement window services possible. To learn more about all the products we have to offer, including energy efficient windows in Orlando , call (407) 734-2996.

  • Your Window Replacement Options

    Replacing windows in your home can help save money on energy bills and avoid inconvenient repairs and maintenance over time. While you want your windows to bring sunlight into your home, you do not want your windows letting cool air out. Energy efficient windows can help keep cool air in as well as keep the sun from heating up your home during the summer.

    Watch this video to learn more about how window replacement can benefit you and your home. There are many options for window replacement, including many insulated window options.

    Trust the experts at Window World to help you find new windows near Orlando. Call (407) 734-2996 to learn more about energy efficient windows.

  • Examining Some Common Patio Door Materials

    Whether you are installing a new patio door or updating your current one, the options are endless. There are many different styles of patio doors to match any home’s interior and exterior design. From sliding doors to French doors and everything in between, there is an option to match anyone’s personal tastes. There are also a number of different materials to choose from. It can be difficult to know which material is right for your new patio door. Continue reading to learn more about some of the most common materials used to make patio doors to help you make a better-informed decision.


    Vinyl is one of the most popular materials used for patio doors. Vinyl is increasingly more popular throughout homes since it is a cost effective material that is also quite energy efficient. Vinyl doors can withstand exposure to the elements, resisting sun damage as well as storm damage. Vinyl is not prone to peel or deteriorate over time.


    No other material represents traditional home style more than wood. Wood is a classic choice for homebuilders and wood patio doors remain a popular choice. Wood is easy to repair and can be treated to last longer.


    Aluminum is a common choice for patio doors for a couple of different reasons. Aluminum is a lightweight material that provides durability. The material requires minimal upkeep, making it an attractive choice for homeowners looking for a low maintenance option.


    Even though fiberglass is a sturdy material making it a good choice for a patio door, it is a popular choice because it can easily be made to look like other materials. It is a low cost way to achieve a high-class look.

    When you are ready to update your patio door in Orlando, look no further than Window World . In addition to window installation, Window World also offers sliding door and patio door services. Call (407) 734-2996 to find out more.

  • Deciding Between Window Repair and Replacement

    What should you do if a window in your home is broken? If you are like most homeowners, your first reaction may be to replace the window. However, depending on the damage, you may not actually need a replacement window . In many cases, window repair is a more effective way to fix an issue with your window. It can be tricky to know exactly when a window is worth repairing or if the window should be replaced. This article will take a look at common window problems to help homeowners determine when a window should be repaired and when a window should be replaced.

    Broken Windows

    A broken window can be caused by a number of different things, and can vary in severity. Whether it is a crack, scratch, or chip, you may not want to be so quick to replace it. Many of these damages can be easily repaired. However, with a broken window, the decision will ultimately come down to what type of window it is. If the window is inexpensive, it might be easier—and cheaper—to replace it. On the other hand, if the window is high end or vintage, it should be repaired instead.

    Drafty Windows

    Many homeowners are quick to replace drafty windows because the assumption is that in the long run, there will be increased savings on utility bills. While it is true that properly sealed windows are more energy efficient, it does not necessarily mean that drafty windows should be replaced. Instead, repairing the caulking will result in more savings by not investing in new windows right away.

    Stuck Windows

    If a window does not function properly, such as sticking or not opening all the way, it likely needs to be repaired instead of replaced with new windows. If the window is older and not possible to repair, then windows should be replaced.

    If you are unsure about a window in your home needing to be repaired or replaced, contact the experts at Window World. We’re your first stop for a new window in Orlando. For more information about replacement windows, call (407) 734-2996. Be sure to ask us about our window financing!