What Window Style Is Right for Your Home?

A good set of windows can provide your home with breathtaking views from the comfort of your living room. Well-constructed windows help seal out noise, cold weather, and humidity while keeping your house safe from intruders. Below are some things to consider when picking out new window sets.

Light living room

Classic or Modern
When choosing new windows, you’ll want to make sure that they complement the architecture of your house. If you own an older, Victorian-style home, you’ll probably want to go with wood frames, whereas vinyl might be preferable if you live in a modern home. You should also consider what color would be most suitable for your house, both on the inside and out. Many frames come pre-colored, though some wooden varieties require a paint job.

Functional or Decorative
You’ll need to  determine what function your windows will serve : to let in sunlight, to operate as sliding glass doors or sunroofs, or to simply make the house look nice. It could all depend on where you plan to have them installed; bedroom windows might serve an entirely functional purpose, whereas living room and dining area windows could be both functional and decorative.

Fixed or Operable
Decide whether you will need fixed windows, which cannot be opened, or operable windows, which open and close. If operable, how do you want them to work? Some windows slide up and down, while others slide left or right; there’s even the kind that open out with bottom hinges. Also, consider the sun’s angle in relation to your house; do you want to have a window situated where sunlight might beam into your bedroom or living room while you are resting or watching television?

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