• Window Replacement Tips

    If your windows are cracked, broken, or otherwise lacking in efficiency, it may be time for new ones. There are a few important things to keep in mind when replacing your windows. Watch this video clip for a few helpful window replacement tips.

    Replacing your windows can result in greater household comfort as well as reduced energy bills. Although they may be more expensive up front, energy-efficient windows can provide you with long-term heating and cooling savings. If you are looking for a durable window that does not require extensive maintenance, look into vinyl windows. If you enjoy the aesthetics of wood, consider fiberglass or composite windows.

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  • What Are Your Window Accent Options?

    Double glazed wooden window

    While windows are primarily functional, they can also provide your home with additional curbside appeal. Window accents help to harness this aesthetic upgrade. Keep reading to learn about a few of your window accent options.

    Interior window grids are a great way to accent your windows and add a little bit of extra flair. These grids also help to tie windows in with other design features. You have different options when it comes to these grids—contoured cherry, light oak, and dark oak can all add a natural touch of color to your window designs. If you would like a more subtle design touch, you can accentuate your windows with cut glass. Available designs include colonial, double prairie, diamond, and star crest, and these are all elegant and transparent.

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  • How Do Window Energy Ratings Work?

    All windows are not created equal; in fact, some are much more efficient than others. This can translate to a reduced carbon footprint as well as significantly lower energy bills. Keep reading for a look at how window energy ratings work and the benefits of purchasing energy-efficient replacement windows.

    cat window reflection

    Window energy ratings tell you about several factors. One of these factors is a window’s transparency to sunlight. The visible transmittance factor describes the amount of sunlight that passes through the window and into the home. A higher visible transmittance factor indicates that a  greater amount of light is allowed inside . If you feel that you receive too much natural light in your home, you can look for a window with a lower transparency rating in order to receive a dimming effect. The light-to-solar gain component has to do with a window’s ability to allow light into the home without an excessive increase in temperature.

    Heat Transfer
    The tendency of a window to transfer heat has a direct implication on energy costs, and window energy ratings describe this tendency using several factors. The U-factor indicates the amount of heat that the window transfers into or out of the house. A lower U-factor means that the window does not transfer as much heat, making it more energy efficient. The solar heat gain coefficient indicates a window’s ability to collect heat from the sun. A higher coefficient collects more heat, while a lower coefficient blocks heat. Depending on the climate in which you live, one may be more appropriate than the other.

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  • Is It Time to Replace Your Windows?

    A broken, cracked, or shattered window should be fixed immediately, but many individuals are unsure whether the window should be replaced or repaired. While there are certain advantages to repairing existing windows, replacement has its share of positives as well. Watch this video to find out if it is time to replace your windows.

    Whether or not you should replace your windows depends on your specific situation. The severity of the damage to your window should be considered, as well as the material that it’s made from. However, anyone can benefit from replacing their windows with energy efficient windows. They will pay for themselves in energy savings and may come with tax credits.

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