• Choosing Accents for Your Windows

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    Your windows play an important role in visually defining the exterior of your home. Choosing the right accents can help to create a beautiful display that will turn the heads of all who pass by. When it comes to interior wood grains, you have a few gorgeous options for your windows. Interior choices include fox wood, dark cherry, and light or dark oak. You can also spruce up your windows with transparent grooved patterns such as colonial, diamond, double prairie, or star crest. Finally interior grids can help your window compliment the present themes that your house displays. Consider white, beige, narrow brass, or a type of contoured wood, depending on the style of your home.

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  • The Steps of Choosing New Windows for Your Home

    Windows do more than simply let light and air into your home; they also impact aesthetics as well as energy use. The right type of window can help you save energy while allowing the perfect amount of light into each room. Here are some things to consider while shopping for new windows for your home.

    Beautiful Home

    Energy Efficiency
    If you value the working life of your heating and air conditioning appliances, it is wise to choose energy efficient windows. These windows tend to be more expensive, but they can  pay for themselves in savings  over time. Double pane windows that effectively seal your home will allow your appliances to work at a comfortable capacity and keep your energy bills down. Although they cost more money initially, they return even more in energy efficiency.

    Modern technology allows for tinted windows that block ultraviolet rays while still offering a gorgeous view. These tinted windows help to protect textiles and paint from fading due to UV exposure. Since a window is only as nice as its hardware, take advantage of the options that are available to you. While traditional painted metal is always available, consider choosing nickel hardware with either satin or brushed finish. Oil-rubbed bronze is also an attractive choice. Not only do your windows provide you with a view of the outside, they can also offer an aesthetic appeal of their own.

    The design of your new window can make a profound impact on the room in which it is installed. Bay windows extend from the house and allow light to enter the home from different angles. Many people choose to install a bench along a bay window in order to create a homely window seat, which is perfect for reading, relaxing, and gazing outside. Use your window design creatively to improve your living space.

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  • Key Features of Bay and Bow Windows

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    If you are looking to open up some space and add a bit of flair to your window design, consider installing bay and bow windows. These windows are as elegant as they are practical. By design, bay and bow windows extend from the wall in which they are built. They may feature up to six panes of angled glass that allow light to enter the home from many different directions. These windows also improve your insulation, thus increasing your home’s energy efficiency. Bay and bow windows are three-dimensional and create an area where you can express your creativity. Many people choose to utilize this space by displaying framed pictures, candles, or holiday decorations, while others install a cozy window seat that’s both inviting and beautiful.

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  • Deciding Whether to Repair or Replace Your Windows

    Damaged windows can impair the energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal of your home. Unfortunately it can sometimes be tricky to choose between repairing and replacing broken windows. Read on if you need help deciding whether to repair or replace your windows.

    Broken window

    Broken Window Pane
    In most cases living with a broken window pane is not an acceptable option. Cracks may spread and develop until your window pane breaks altogether. Whether you should repair or replace the window pane  depends on the specific situation . If you have a vintage window with many panes and only one is damaged, it may be cheaper to go with a repair. However, cheaper vinyl windows should be replaced with new, energy-efficient windows.

    Inefficient Sealing
    If you begin to notice condensation between panes of glass, your windows may no longer be properly sealed. This can occur because of the contractions and expansions that the glass undergoes due to heat fluctuation. The larger your window is, the more of a problem this can pose. When your windows are not properly sealed, your air conditioning and heating systems will have to work harder in order to maintain the desired temperature in your home. This will drive up your energy costs and overwork your appliances.

    Rotting Frames and Sashes
    Your home’s aesthetic appeal is not the only thing that declines when your window frames and sashes rot; so too does its ability to keep external water and air out of the home. If you only experience a small amount of rot, repair may be appropriate. Thorough damage, however, calls for replacement of your window.

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  • Planning for Your Window Replacement

    In the interest of saving money on energy and enjoying a greater level of comfort, you should replace your damaged windows. Although there are many different types and styles of windows, some are more energy efficient than others. Double pane and triple pane windows are astronomically more energy efficient than single pane windows. The type of window frame can also have an impact on how energy efficient your replacement windows are. Watch this video for more tips on planning for a window replacement.

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