Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Do you see moisture in between your windows, or are your energy bills abnormally high? These are two of the primary indicators that it’s time to start shopping for replacement windows . To find out if you need to replace your windows, look for the following sings.

Open window and curtains with a rural view

You Feel a Draft
Even the best windows will allow a tiny bit of air into a home, but this should never be noticeable. If you detect a draft, it means your windows are allowing too much air into your home. As windows age, they tend to let more air in through the corners of the frames and sashes.

It’s Hard to Shut or Open Your Windows
If you have older single or  double hung windows  that are hard to operate, they may have balance issues. Windows that slam shut instead of remaining open are a safety hazard and should be replaced immediately. If you have wood or metal windows that are starting to fail, replace them, especially if they are rotting or rusting.

There’s Condensation on the Glass
When there is a seal failure between the glass panels of a window, moisture can enter the space and cause air to condense on the glass. When this happens, the insulated glass is no longer creating a barrier to cold air. You know that the seal has failed if you see condensation in between the panes of glass in your windows, or a white film left by calcium that was deposited on the glass.

Your Energy Bills are Increasing
A series of sky-high energy bills indicates that you either have an inefficient heating or cooling system, or old windows that are energy inefficient. The Department of Energy recommends replacing old or inefficient windows because they eventually pay for themselves by lowering heating and cooling costs.

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