Advice for Boosting the Safety of Your Patio Door

Sliding patio doors make it easy to enjoy your outdoor living space. Unfortunately, they may also make it easy for intruders to gain access to your home. Simply because of the way patio doors are designed, they are not as strong or secure as heavy wood entry doors. There are ways that you can boost the safety of your patio door to protect your family and your belongings. Here are a few tips for securing your patio door against unwanted intrusions.

Lake and balcony view through patio doors

Install a Slide-Locking Bar
Hardware stores sell heavy-duty slide-locking bars, but something as simple as a thick wood dowel or metal bar cut to fit the bottom track of your door will work just as well. A slide-locking bar will  keep your patio door from being opened , even if the latching lock is damaged or removed. Of course, if your latching lock is missing or damaged, replace it as soon as possible.

Maintain Tracks and Rollers
As with your vehicle, the key to good sliding door performance is routine maintenance. Most sliding patio doors move back and forth on plastic rollers. If these rollers become damaged, the door may be easily lifted from its track. Replace damaged rollers soon to avoid this problem. Dirt and debris in the track can also cause the track roller to degrade, so clean it out with a broom or small brush.

Wire an Alarm System
If you have an in-home alarm system, make sure it’s wired to a contact on your sliding door. If you are not comfortable working with electrical equipment, contact your alarm company to have a technician install the equipment needed. Your alarm technician may also be able to install glass-break sensors on your door in case a thief tries to smash the glass instead of opening the patio door.

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