• Factors to Consider When Selecting the Perfect Entry Door

    Like it or not, your home’s front door will likely lead passersby to make assumptions about your personality. Your front door can also have a notable impact on the value of your home. If you are looking for the  ideal front entry door  for your home, consider the following factors.

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    Zoning Codes

    Homeowners in most neighborhoods have few—if any—regulations to follow as far as front door design or color is concerned. Still, the first step you should take when choosing a new entry door is to see whether your choice is restricted by any zoning or homeowners association regulations.

    Design Preferences
    As owner, you deserve to have your personality shine through your home’s design in whatever way you like. If you have a favorite color or preferred material for your home’s entry door, let these preferences weigh heavily in your decision.

    Existing Exterior Features
    Your home’s style, the color of its siding, and your landscaping should also be considered when choosing a new entry door. Unless you want to renovate your home’s entire exterior to work around a specific door, you should choose a front door that works with your home’s exterior as it is.

    Another factor to take into account when choosing an entry door is the environment. Consider both the climate to which your front door will be exposed and the indirect impact your front door could have on the environment through energy lost from air leaks and poor insulation.

    Are you looking to switch out your front entry door with a beautiful, energy-efficient, high-security replacement? At Window World of Orlando , we install aesthetically appealing doors that come in 18 different colors and six rich stains. More than a dozen different glass styles are represented in our inventory, and we also have doors made of 22-gauge steel for maximum security. To have a replacement window and door installation professional visit your home, call (321) 282-6200.

  • How to Deal with a Broken Window Lock

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    A broken window lock is not the most serious home improvement issue a homeowner can face, but it can be unnerving and should be attended to promptly. There are a handful of ways in which a window lock can fail, and each can be handled in a different way.

    First, check to see if the parts of your window locking mechanisms are aligned correctly. If they are not, align the lock sashes with the window channel and try to lock it again. If this does not work, unlock the window and push the upper sash lock as far up as it will go and the lower sash lock toward the bottom of the window.

    For more information on fixing broken window locks, visit the Window World website. If none of the recommended fixes work on your window, or if you wish to have replacement windows installed in your Central Florida home, contact Window World of Orlando at (321) 282-6200.

  • Answering Your Questions About Window World Services

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    As the largest replacement window company in the United States, Window World is equipped with resources and connections that enable us to offer superior installation services at remarkable prices. If you are considering hiring a professional from Window World, read on to find answers to questions you may have about our services and the materials we use.

    How Long Does the Process Take?
    Replacement windows are typically ready for installation between four and eight weeks after precise measurements are taken. The actual installation of each window takes roughly a half hour, and Window World can complete most projects in a single day. Window World works all year long—even in places with harsh winters.

    Where Do the Windows Come From?
    The replacement windows that Window World installs are manufactured by Associated Materials Incorporated, a leading manufacturer of building products based in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. The windows are made in nearby Akron, OH.

    What Payment Methods Are Accepted?
    Window World customers can pay for their replacement windows up front using any major credit card, a personal check, or a corporate check. Six-month financing programs are also available.

    How Are Replacement Windows Installed?
    Window World’s installation services are carried out by skilled and experienced window replacement technicians. When possible, windows are installed from the inside. Old windows and other debris are thrown away unless the customer asks to keep them.

    Are Your Services Backed by a Warranty?
    All replacement windows installed by Window World are backed by a limited lifetime warranty, which covers damage to most parts of the window for as long as the owner remains at that property. If you would like additional protection for your replacement windows, lifetime glass breakage, seal failure, and installation warranties are also available.

    Window World considers it a privilege to serve customers from all over. If you live in Central Florida and would like to speak with a Window World representative about our replacement window installation services, call Window World of Orlando at (321) 282-6200.