• Tips for Painting Your Front Door

    Painting your front entry door is a great way to infuse personality into your home’s design. Whether you plan on painting your front door as a DIY project or having a colorful new entry door installed, you’ll find some great tips in this video.

    When considering colors, do not eliminate any promising options on the grounds that they are too bold. The front door is an important part of a home, but it makes up only a small portion of a home’s exterior. Painting it a bright or unusual color does not usually turn off neighbors or prospective buyers.

    With entry doors in 18 different colors, Window World of Orlando offers consumers a great range of choices. If you are looking to spruce up your Central Florida home’s exterior with a striking and high-quality door or replacement window, call us at (321) 282-6200. 

  • Your Kitchen Window Treatment Options

    Adding personality and light to your kitchen is as easy as updating your window coverings. To find out about the different kitchen window treatment options available to you, watch this video.

    It’s important that the kitchen window treatment you choose matches the floor, countertop, cabinetry, and windows. Also, your window treatment should conform to your needs for privacy and insulation. If you want to block out light and ensure more privacy, install a fabric liner in addition to a woven fabric window treatment. Watch the video for more tips on how to find the best treatment for your windows

    At Window World of Orlando, we can fit your home with replacement windows that will enhance its efficiency and style. Call us at (321) 282-6200 if you have any questions for us, and click the link to explore our selection of windows, doors, and vinyl siding.

  • Examining Your Bay Window Options

    Victorian house

    Adding bay windows can add light to a room, increase the overall size of the room, and create a new space in which you and your guests can relax. Bay windows differ widely in their design, size, and features. If you are considering adding bay windows to your home, read this article to get a better idea of the options offered at Window World.

    Space Shape
    Bay windows are built onto the outside of the house, forming a small space with three windows or more. You can choose a square, round, or polygonal shape for your bay window space. If you are going for a traditional look, ask your window installer to construct bay windows with traditional 90-135-150 interior angles.

    If you do not want a traditional bay window, you may want to install a box bay window, bow window, or circle bay window. Box bay windows form a box shape with 90-degree angles, and are very popular additions to kitchens. Bow windows and circle bay windows are curved versions of the bay window, and both add more light and present a more unified look.

    Bay windows began appearing in homes during the English Renaissance. When they reached America, they first became popular on the West Coast during the gold rush period. Whether you’re going for a more classic bay window installation or a modern one, a reputable window store will have what you’re looking for.

    To enhance your bay windows while providing protection from insects and energy loss, Window World offers several important options. You might get ClimaTech Insulated Glass for improved insulation, and full or half fiberglass screens to enjoy ventilation while keeping insects out.

    To see Window World’s selection of new windows in greater detail, visit our website or one of our stores in Orlando. In addition to energy-efficient windows, we also offer doors and vinyl siding. For more information, please give us a ring at (321) 282-6200.