• The Latest Window Treatment Trends for Your Kitchen

    Window treatments are a great option for homeowners looking to add some flair to their interior design. Indeed, in addition to improving your home’s appearance, window treatments can also make your home more attractive to prospective buyers.

    In this video you will learn about the latest window treatment trends for your kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of any home. Because of the high level of activity and foot traffic through the kitchen, design choices you make for your kitchen windows can have an impact on your entire home’s appearance and feel. 

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  • How to Fix Fogging in Double Pane Windows

    Double pane windows work by trapping a layer of gas sealed between the window’s two pieces of glass. Condensation and fogging can be an issue, especially as these windows age and the seal loses its hermetic properties. Fogging can be addressed via one of two methods, so keep reading to discover which solution is best for your home’s windows

    kind of water

    Restore the Seal

    When the seal around one or both pieces of glass in a double pane window breaks down, it allows the original gas trapped between the panes to escape and moisture to creep in. This is what creates fogging and condensation between the glass. In some cases, this issue can be solved by restoring the seal. A professional window service is needed to perform the job. During this process, two small holes are drilled into the window frame between the two panes. A cleaning solution is released through one hole and suctioned out through another. Once the inner portions of the glass have been cleaned and dried, these holes are plugged to restore the integrity of the seal.

    Replace the Glass

    In some cases, the restoration process fails or does not produce adequate results. In such occurrences, the only other solution is to replace the old glass panes with new ones. This can often be done without replacing the window frame itself. If your window is still under warranty, this may not cost you anything to complete. Talk to your window provider before you buy double pane windows and learn about the type of warranty provided. If a service or replacement plan is offered by your installer, you may wish to consider purchasing it to save yourself the cost of replacement if it is required.

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  • The Difference Between Double and Triple Pane Windows

    While the most basic types of windows contain only a single pane of glass, double and triple pane models are also available. Both of these options are designed to provide a buffering layer of air between your home and the outside, creating added insulation to save on heating and cooling costs. Double pane windows are often sufficient for most homes, and can lower your energy costs by up to 50%. They are cheaper and easier to open and close than triple pane windows. Triple pane windows offer an added 20% energy efficiency while costing about 25% more than double pane windows. However, these windows also provide increased sound dampening, which may be beneficial if you live in an area with significant temperature differences or high background noise.

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  • A Guide to Shopping for Double Pane Windows

    Double pane windows contain two pieces of glass rather than one. By trapping air or gas between the two panes, these windows offer increased energy efficiency and sound dampening for your home. Although these windows cost more initially than single pane windows, they can decrease the cost of heating and cooling your home by up to 50%. 

    Double glazed wooden window

    Determine Your Climate

    There are many types of double pane windows, and your ultimate energy savings will likely depend on the climate in which you live. Double pane windows are useful in both cold and warm climates, and can help you save on both heating and cooling costs. However, the amount of sun, heat, and cold your home gets will in part determine the type of double pane window that will work best for your home.

    Look for the Right Labels

    When shopping for double pane windows, look for labels and quality assurances by ENERGY STAR and the National Fenestration Rating Council. These labels indicate that the windows you’re considering have been rated by independent inspectors and meet the requirements set forth by ENERGY STAR.

    Examine the Specifications

    Windows that contain argon or krypton between the two panes provide more insulation than other gases. Choose windows with low emissivity coatings and nonmetallic spacers for further improved energy efficiency. The U-Factor rating on each window’s specifications is a measure of the amount of heat that is transferred through the window. If you live in a cold climate, selecting a window with a low U-Factor rating means your windows will lose less heat for better insulation and lower heating costs.

    Install New Windows Properly

    When selecting your windows, it’s also important to talk to your provider about the installation process. Make sure your windows will be installed with the necessary insulation and weather stripping for the best performance.

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  • Watch: Easy and Eco-Friendly Window Cleaning

    In a busy home, keeping the windows clean feels like a full-time job. While window cleaning products can get pricey and may contain harmful chemicals, making your own eco-friendly cleaner right at home can save you money.

    This video explains how to make your own windows cleaner. All you need is three cost-effective products you likely already have in your home. You’ll see how to combine dishwashing liquid, white vinegar, and water into an excellent solution for keeping your home’s windows sparkling and spotless. 

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