• The Best Windows for the Coastal Southeast

    In Orlando and throughout Central Florida, having the right windows for our climate is absolutely essential. Not only will choosing the right windows help you to keep the heat and humidity out during long summers, but they will also help to protect your home in the event of a hurricane or high-speed winds.

    Building codes in the State of Florida are written to ensure that homes and windows can hold up to these severe weather conditions. Windows in Florida must be impact-resistant in order to prevent the structure around the window from crumbling during a storm. 

    Wind gusts from Hurricane Gustav

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  • Window Treatment Trends in 2013

    Some window fashions may come and go, but 2013 has already seen many unique window treatment trends that may have serious staying power. Here’s a look at some of today’s most popular window treatment trends to consider when dressing up the windows at your Orlando home .

    Bamboo curtain

    Au Naturel

    Natural materials for window treatments are making a surge in the window treatment market, particularly bamboo and other sustainably grown woods. No longer associated with luaus and hula dancing, bamboo is in high demand because of increased demand for green home products. Because it grows so quickly and is easy to work with, bamboo is the perfect window treatment for the eco-conscious window shopper.

    Color and Texture Trends

    According to HGTV , new trends in color, texture, and fabric patterns are also in for 2013. Shades of blue, gold, and citrus can be found in popular drapery and curtain styles. Luxury fabrics with particularly lush textures such as fur, leather, silk, and velvet remain very popular among high-end window dressings. Bold, colorful printed window dressings are also in fashion this year, and can add the necessary touch of color to an otherwise simple, elegant room.

    Energy-Efficient Designs

    Finally, your window dressings can give your high-efficiency replacement windows a money-saving boost. New window dressing designs can even help to reduce the cost of heating and cooling your home. Honeycomb shades are very popular among homeowners looking to reduce glare, heat, and UV infiltration, and can ultimately lower the cost necessary to cool your home during hot Orlando summers. The simple honeycomb design is also for homeowners who are looking for the right marriage between fashion and function.

    Remember that new window treatments are nothing without beautiful, functional, energy-efficient windows to dress. That’s why you should call Window World , Orlando’s leading installer of vinyl replacement windows. Call (321) 282-6200 today to learn more about our window replacement services throughout Central Florida.

  • Clean Double Pane Windows in 3 Steps

    Double pane windows are a fantastic innovation that allows homeowners to experience greater energy efficiency and fewer drafts. But as windows age, you may find that your double pane windows get dirty or foggy, making for an unsightly view of the outside world. Here are some tips to help you thoroughly clean your double pane windows

    Woman cleaning window

    Step 1: Regular Washing

    Regular maintenance of your windows is absolutely essential to maintaining a beautiful, streak-free shine. Washing windows regularly will help to keep them clean in the short term, but will also help to avoid that dull, scratched look that develops with dirt and dust buildup. Simply spray your windows with your garden hose, or hand-clean with a cloth and spray solution. Be sure to wash your windows on a cloudy day to prevent water and window solution from evaporating too quickly.

    Step 2: Polishing Your Windows

    In addition to regular washing, you may want to take a few extra steps to really bring your windows back to a like-new condition. Many household items can actually help you accomplish this. Toothpaste can be used to buff away scratch marks from dust and debris. For the best shine when cleaning or polishing your windows, use a material that minimizes lint, such as a washed cotton T-shirt, cloth diapers, or a blackboard eraser.

    Step 3: Un-Fogging The Panes

    Finally, you may want to try removing the condensation buildup in your double pane window. To do this, drill two holes into the window panes—one in a top corner and one in the bottom corner on the opposite side. These holes will allow the moisture fogging up your windows to escape. However, this process will also release any remaining gas between the panes that prevents heat transfer. When condensation begins to occur, replacement vinyl windows may be the best option for energy efficiency and comfort.

    When your windows get too dirty or foggy to stand, contact the window experts at Window World  Orlando. We serve Central Florida with the very best replacement window installation services available. To get started today, call (321) 282-6200.