• Choose Awning and Casement Windows for Maximum Home Security

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    When you replace the windows in your home , it is important to consider how your windows can be used to boost your home’s security. By taking extra precautions with your window installation, you can prevent an intruder from entering your home. Here is a closer look at how awning and casement windows can provide you maximum home security: 

    Multi Locking Point System

    Casement and awning windows feature imbedded locks that are untouchable from the outside. For increased security, you can choose to install a multi-point locking system that will boost the security of your casement and awning windows even further. With their advanced locking mechanism and durable design, casement and awning windows are extremely difficult to break into.

    Flush Closure

    A double hung window has two panes that slide up and down. Because the planes are not flush with the window frame, an intruder could potentially push the pane up and enter your house. With awning and casement windows, you will have a single pane that is flush with the window frame. An intruder will have no way to push this frame open.

    Swing Hinges

    Awning and casement windows function like a door, with a single hinge that allows them to swing on a single axis. Typically, these windows are installed so that the hinge only swings outwards or upward. A casement window crank , sometimes called a sash winder, will allow you to open the window from the inside. An intruder will not be able to open an awning or casement window from the outside, which will make your home more secure.  

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  • Learning More: Choosing The Right Windows & How Argon Impacts New Windows


    When the time comes to choose new windows for your replacement project, your options are many. Argon windows are rapidly gaining popularity amongst energy-efficient models, but you might also prefer something more basic. To learn more about selecting windows, follow these links:

    For more information on choosing the perfect windows for your home , call Window World of Central Florida at (321) 282-6200.

  • What to Consider When Deciding Between Sliding and Casement Windows

    Windows closed with a view on apple orchard

    One of the most important decisions in a window replacement project is whether to purchase casement windows, which open outward like doors, or sliding windows, which slide upward. Each type has very distinct differences that should be considered before making a decision, including the following:

    Energy Efficiency

    Because both casement and sliding windows can be made with energy-efficient glass panes, the real difference in this respect lies in the way they open. Sliding windows open on a slightly flexible track. This flexibility prevents a tight fit around the window’s frame, which results in a certain amount of air loss. Casement windows do not have this problem, making them the clear winner in the battle of energy efficiency.


    Sliding windows may seem like they open wide enough for maximum ventilation, but this isn’t exactly so. The top half of a slider window is always stationary, meaning that you can only open one half. Compared to casement windows, in which the entire window swings outward and leaves a larger area exposed, slider windows offer less ventilation. This may not seem significant, but there are situations in which you might want to ventilate your home quickly, such as after food has burned or when a room has suffered water damage and must be aired out. In such cases, casement windows would be most beneficial.


    Slider windows are generally more affordable than casement windows. If you decide to get sliders, it’s important to purchase the highest-quality model that you can possibly afford. Sliders have several parts that wear out over time and need replacing—such as the rollers—so a high-quality model should maximize their useable life.

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  • Cleaning Tips to Help Maximize Your Home’s Window Life

    Windows make great home investments, but they must be taken care of in order to preserve their value. Few actions on your part can help keep your windows in pristine condition than routine cleaning.

    In this video from Angie’s List, a professional window cleaner provides some tips on how to clean your windows effectively and efficiently. His tips include cleaning the first-floor windows yourself to save money, buying cleaning solution based on the type of window, and cleaning twice a year.

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