Should You Consider a Garden Window?

If you enjoy wielding your green thumb with a little at-home gardening each week, you can create the ideal indoor environment for encouraging plant growth with the perfect window . Your replacement window professionals can introduce you to certain styles like the garden window, which will help flowers and plants grow. Below is a look at why you should consider a garden window.

Green herbs on a window sill

Let the Sunshine In
After the window company installs your new fixture, you can begin to place your small plants and herbs inside the garden windowsill. Thanks to the window’s outward extension, your plants will be fully exposed to the sun’s rays without obstruction, which helps to maximize their growth potential.

Maximize Warmth on Chilly Days
Even on a brisk afternoon, your garden window will retain the maximum amount of light from outside and prevent heat loss through the glass. The average garden window is insulated with special coatings that have been carefully crafted to keep the heat out during the summer and in during the cooler winter months.

Enjoy an Incomparable Degree of Energy Efficiency
In addition to the comfortable temperatures that you will enjoy because of efficient insulation, you will notice a drop in your monthly bills thanks to low-E glass options and Warm Edge spacer systems. Together, these two features prevent unwanted heat loss or gain through the glass.  

Customize Your Window to Fit Your Taste
When you purchase a garden window from your window installation and manufacturing professionals, you will have the option to customize them for a more personal look. Features that can be changed or added include different wood finishes and full fiberglass screens.

Visit Window World in Orlando to discover the unique benefits of having a garden window. We also design windows for all other areas of the home, featuring a variety of practical and attractive styles. Call us at (321) 282-6200 to learn more about our products .

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