Window Options to Help You Maximize Energy Savings with Window World

The windows available from Window World are designed to provide the highest level of energy savings possible. This efficiency is achieved with the help of innovative window options like low-e glass and gas-filled windows. Use this window efficiency guide to learn more about the perks that make energy efficient windows so special.  

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Low-E Glass: Low-e (or “low-emissivity”) glass is designed to prevent heat transfer in and out of your home. During the summer, this glass deflects significant amounts of the sun’s radiation away from your home. The result is a cooler interior and lower monthly utility bills. During the winter, low-e glass works to prevent heat from leaving your home too. These innovative low-e frames can actually help you save money year round.

Airtight Spacers: All windows from Window World utilize durable airtight spacers. This extra thermal barrier helps to prevent heat loss through the window frame. Spacers also ensure that your windows stay airtight while not in use. Some are even designed to contract and expand as the weather changes. These flexible spacers guarantee an airtight seal in every season. Spacers are especially important if your local climate has heavy rains, as water and moisture are the last things you want in your home this winter.

Gas Insulation: Gas-filled spacers are another option for making your windows more energy efficient. These windows have small amounts of krypton or argon gas pumped between the glass panes. These gases make it difficult for heat to transfer in and out of your home. As a result, your home is less susceptible to temperature change and energy waste during the summer and winter months.

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