How Your Home’s Windows Can Help You Go Green

When you are considering making improvements to your home, you will not want to overlook your home’s windows . New windows can not only add beauty and a touch of updated style to the interior and exterior of your house, but they will also help you run your home with greater energy efficiency. Below, you will find a closer look at the environmental benefits that new windows can offer to your home remodel project.

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Reduced Energy Consumption
Windows are part of your home’s insulation, and the modern Energy Star certified options for windows available today can offer much more than outdated standard insulating glass. Specially designed Solarban glass and Low-E Glass are energy-efficient window solutions that can keep heat inside your home during the winter and outside in the summer. The Intercept Spacer System helps to regulate your home’s temperature even more by creating a thermal barrier to keep the edges of your windows warmer in the winter. This means that your needs for air conditioning and heating will be reduced so you can use less energy and pay less money for your utility bills.

Green Redesign Products
Energy-efficient glass is only part of the environmentally friendly change new windows can bring to your home. With high-performance exterior laminate, you can eliminate the need to paint or stain your window paneling with products that are potentially harmful to the planet. You can get the exterior makeover you want for your home with rich, varied color options that are safe for the environment.

For even more facts on the level of energy efficiency that new windows can offer, contact Window World of Central Florida through our website or at (321) 282-6200. We offer a first-rate selection of residential windows through collaboration with the top window manufacturers in the world, and we will take care of every step from your window selection to installation.

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