• What Is Low-E Glass and Why Do I Want It for My Windows?

    These days, homeowners are more focused on maximizing the energy efficiency and comfort of their living space than ever before. Central Florida homeowners looking to add comfort and lower their energy bills should consider installing new energy efficient Low-E replacement windows .  Keep reading to learn about the benefits that you will enjoy with new Low-E windows in your home.  

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    What Is Low-E Glass?
    Low-emissive (Low-E) glass is window glass that has been treated with a microscopically thin metal or metallic oxide coating. This invisible film allows light to pass through the window while reflecting solar heat. Three types of Low-E windows are available: those that allow for high solar gain, moderate solar gain, or low solar gain. In hot climates like the Orlando area, homeowners should install Low-E windows that allow a low solar gain. The Low-E coating will be on your windows’ exterior surfaces enabling it to minimize the amount of solar heat entering your home.

    What Are the Benefits of Low-E Windows?
    Low-E windows can significantly reduce the energy costs associated with cooling and heating your home while increasing your home’s overall comfort level. Low-E glass can improve the year-round energy performance of your windows by almost 25 percent. In warm weather, Low-E windows allow light in but reflect external heat to help reduce your cooling costs. In the winter months, light is still admitted, but heat generated from within your home is reflected inwards rather than allowing it to escape through the window. 

    How Difficult Is It to Install Low-E Windows?
    Low-E replacement windows can be installed year-round. Replacement windows are typically installed within four to eight weeks from the date that the final measurements are taken. The actual installation is a surprisingly quick project, and can likely be completed in a day.

    Window World of Central Florida backs our Low-E replacement windows with a lifetime guarantee. We are proud that our industry-leading windows have earned the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for five years in a row. If you are looking for added energy savings and comfort for your Orlando home, contact us at (321) 282-6200 or visit our website to learn more about our products.

  • Should You Repair or Replace Your Windows?

    If you live in an older home, you may be wondering whether or not it is time to replace or repair an old window . There are a lot of factors that go into making this decision, so be sure to take some time to decide which option is right for your home. Check out the following tips we think will help you decide whether or not you should consider a replacement window or simply repairing the one you have.  

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    • Are You Looking for Less Maintenance? In general, replacement windows are easier to maintain. Since there is often a bit of wear and warping, repairing old windows  will require selective treatments to improve the condition of various elements. With replacements, the window frame is fit to the opening which requires minimal adjustment if the correct measurements were taken by skilled window installers.
    • Will You Remain Living in Your Home for Many Years? If you are planning to sell your home within the next few years, replacing windows can be a great option for increasing its resale value. New windows can bring a great return to home sellers since potential buyers view new windows as aesthetically pleasing, convenient, and energy efficient.
    • Do You Want to Eliminate the Need for Storm Windows? New windows are often at least double-glazed, with an inert gas or air inserted between the layers. This added protection serves to keep the elements out and the controlled temperature in. Older windows that are repaired will require the installation of a storm window to provide necessary protection. Unfortunately, these window treatments can be expensive and may not match your home’s exterior décor or style.

    There is a lot of debate amongst homeowners and designers regarding the benefits of replacing your windows . At Window World of Central Florida, we know that a properly measured and installed replacement window can improve your home’s appearance, energy-efficiency, and comfort. If you live in the Orlando area, call (321) 282-6200 to learn more about our products and services.

  • Curious About What Window World Can Do for You and Your Home?

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    It’s no surprise that for many of our Orlando clients, the first visit to the Window World showroom is an exciting and visually stimulating experience. With so many great products to browse through and choose from, you’re sure to find exactly what you need. Click ahead to find more about our window products and other services we can provide for you and your home:

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    • Did you know that replacing your windows could increase your home’s value? Learn about the economical benefits of new windows at HouseLogic.com.  
    • Get all of the information you need about insulated siding and the energy benefits it brings from the Vinyl Siding Institute.
    • Before planning your new interior door design scheme, turn to this inspiring HGTV article showcasing unique and innovative designs.

    For even more information about all that Window World of Central Florida can do for you, come visit us and experience our quality customer service and expert knowledge. Contact us online or call (321) 282-6200 to set up a consultation.

  • Window World Is Locally Owned

    When you choose to buy products at a locally owned store, you are guaranteeing that more of your hard-earned money stays in the community. Our clients at Window World can take pride in knowing that they are participating in that sustainable cycle. But because we are the largest replacement window company in the United States, we buy more windows and are able to sell them for less. This means that you never have to compromise quality or price in order to support your local community.

    Like our chief designer and ambassador Kathy Ireland points out in this video, Window World of Central Florida is simply the best for less. So for remarkable service and fabulous quality products, visit our Orlando showroom and see why we are number one. To learn more about our products, or to speak with our friendly staff, call us today at (321) 282-6200.

  • Why You Should Leave Window Installation to the Professionals

    There are many websites and magazines out there encouraging do-it-yourself projects around the house. However, one project you won’t often find in these DIY articles is replacement window installation . Here are a few reasons why you should leave window installation to the professionals here at Window World of Central Florida:

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    • We’ve Got Plenty of Experience – Even if you spend the occasional afternoon fixing small maintenance problems around your home, you’re not likely to know as much about window installation as a professional. Here at Window World of Central Florida, we have trained our employees to know everything about the installation process to ensure that your new windows look and perform their best.
    • Working With Us Will Save You Money – Most do-it-yourselfers believe that by not calling a professional they are saving money. Unfortunately, this is hardly the case with a window installation project since incorrectly installing a window will lead to costly problems in the future. If windows are improperly installed, energy costs will rise due to warm air escaping in winter and cooler air seeping out in summer. So if you want to keep your home as energy-efficient as possible, let Window World of Central Florida take care of all your residential window needs.
    • We Value Your Time – Most people live busy, hectic lives full of commitments and day-to-day obligations. When you’ve got spare time, you shouldn’t have to fill it with home repairs and maintenance jobs. Fortunately, the highly-trained window installation technicians here at Window World of Central Florida allow you to kick back and relax while your new windows are put into place. So pencil in an enjoyable activity instead of dedicating your free time to tricky window installation.

    At Window World of Central Florida, we have been providing a quality product and superior service since 1995. If you are thinking about installing new windows in your home, come visit our showroom in Orlando or give us a call at (321) 282-6200.