• Want To Learn More About Having A New Garage Door Installed And The Benefits Of Casement And Awning Windows?

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    Window World can help you find a beautiful new garage door for your home, as well as show you how a new casement and awning window combination can be the perfect energy-efficient and beautiful addition to your home. Visit these websites or call us at (321) 282-6200 to learn more about these products.

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  • The Homeowners Guide to Garage Door Replacement

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    Along with kitchen remodeling and replacement windows , a new garage door is a key feature that many homeowners use to experience large returns on their investments. Replacing your garage door means more than just adding a newer door and opener to solve the problems of your old one.

    Today’s garage doors come in a wide range of different options and styles. If you like, you can easily have a traditional garage door installed that will provide new life and extended function to your garage. You can also choose the new and popular carriage-house style doors that are making waves among homeowners. A new garage door is an exciting prospect for any homeowner.

    Your old garage door is likely made from metal or potentially a composite. Over time, metal can dent and deform with extended use. Years’ worth of chips and dings can show in the coat of paint, and eventually your old garage door can make your home look a little drab. Today’s garage door systems are constructed from durable steel and are available with insulation, making the hot summer weather bearable. If your garage is heated, they offer double the benefits in winter. Non-attached garages can be completed with a non-insulated steel door that will stand up for the weather and years of use.

    Colors and Styles
    As mentioned above, the carriage-house style door is very popular. It opens like any garage door, but gives the appearance of horizontally operating carriage-house doors with the accompanying hardware to complete the look. You can choose several classic colors for traditional panel styles, and no matter what type you choose, you will be able to find the right solution to fit the architecture of your home.

    Window World of Central Florida does more than just windows. We can help you find the perfect garage door for your home, including hardware and even the right style garage door opener . Contact us at (321) 282-6200 today if you have any questions.

  • Window World: Made in America

    In today’s world of outsourcing and long-distance shipping, it’s always refreshing to find quality products made by a quality company in the United States like Window World . “Made in USA” means more than the simple manufacturing of goods on home soil.

    Window World got its origins right here in the U.S., and proudly manufacturers, operates, and installs replacement windows on U.S. soil. Window World stores are locally owned and operated, and all our components are made in United States. Window World is a part of the community, helping to provide jobs and make homes more energy-efficient.

    To learn more about what Window World has to offer you, contact us today at (321) 282-6200. You can also visit our website to explore our range of window products or learn more about our story.

  • The Benefits of Installing New Casement and Awning Windows

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    Finding the right new windows is key to enjoying your home in comfort and style. There are several types of replacement windows that you can choose for your home, and the right ones will show off your architecture to its greatest extent while also allowing in plenty of beautiful natural light.

    Casement and awning windows are ideal for homeowners who want to experience the maximum amount of light inside their home and enjoy an unobstructed view of the outside world. They are simple and elegant, making them a timeless addition for nearly any style of home. They evoke both a modern and classic feel, and are very versatile. Both of these windows are easy to operate, making cleaning and utilizing a breeze.

    • Casement windows typically feature one or two panes that open outward horizontally, like doors. These types of windows that can be dressed with shutters on the outside and just about any type of window treatment on the inside. They fit well with nearly any architectural style, and can complement homes that enjoy multi-paned windows as well.
    • Awning windows consist of a single pane, again offering a beautiful uninterrupted view of the outside world, and tilt outwards from either the top or bottom edge. These windows can be oriented to your specifications. They can be used in combination with casement windows, creating a unique appearance. Awning windows are also ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms. They can be mounted high in the bath area to let in fresh air and light without compromising your privacy.

    Both of these replacement window styles offer a very clean look, and they give the homeowner greater versatility for dressing them to the style of their choice. Window World offers these beautiful styles with our Lifetime Limited Warranty and all the energy-saving features you have come to expect from our products. Visit our website to learn more about these windows, or call us at (321) 282-6200 today with your questions.