3 Window Styles to Add a Fresh Face to Your Home’s Interior and Exterior

If you’re preparing to replace the windows on your home, consider updating your home’s style as well. Think about incorporating one or more of the following window styles for a fresh new look:



1.   Double-Hung Windows

A popular type of window common in residential areas is the double-hung style. Double-hung windows are ideal for giving your home a traditional look, as they slide open vertically. These windows are great for safely promoting air circulation in your home, as you have the choice of opening them from either the bottom or the top. Since double-hung windows are installed with two moveable sashes, be sure to talk to your window installation company about protecting them against cracks and chips.

  2.   Casement Windows

If you are installing windows for a large space in your home, consider casement windows. These windows maximize the surface area of the pane, creating a beautiful picture of your landscape that makes a great focal point for any room. As they provide more natural light during the day, casement windows are a good way to reduce your use of energy in the form of lighting. In addition, casement windows open outward, so you can create a feeling of expansive space within your home.  

  3.   Garden Windows

Are you looking for a way to make your home feel more natural? Three-dimensional garden windows create a sleek, elegant design for your home while incorporating the beauty of the outdoors. By installing a garden window above your kitchen sink or in your bedroom, you can assemble a display of flowers and plants that will thrive year-round. An open garden window on a summer day lets in a light breeze, which mingles with the scents of your thriving flowers and herbs.

Are you interested in installing one of the above windows in your home? Contact Window World by calling (321) 282-6200. Based out of Orlando, we are committed to providing you with the best-quality replacement windows. 


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