• Are You Thinking About Replacing Your Windows?

    Want to know more about different window styles and the process of window replacement? Visit these great online resources!

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    • Thinking about installing replacement windows in your home? Here are some helpful questions to guide your conversation with your window installer .
    • The Consumer Energy Center provides some great information on modern replacement window styles.
    • Here’s a quick article from MSN.com explaining which questions you should ask your window installer before window replacement begins.
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    • To learn about the importance of energy-efficient windows in multifamily housing, read this article from the Alliance to Save Energy .

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  • Vinyl Windows Just Might Be The Perfect Fit For Your Home

    If you’re looking to replace your older worn-out windows or are simply interested in saving money on energy costs this winter, you can’t go wrong with high-quality vinyl replacement windows. Vinyl windows are durable, energy-efficient, easy to maintain, and look great, too!


    This video features Allen Gwaltney of Window World discussing some of the many reasons you should consider upgrading to vinyl windows. Watch to learn about great federal and state tax incentives that can help reduce your window replacement costs.

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  • Questions to Ask Your Window Professional

    When it comes to all things window-related, make sure that you get the opinion of a qualified window installer before making any decisions. Window installation professionals have tons of experience working with replacement windows, identifying problems with existing windows, and choosing products that provide homeowners with optimal comfort and energy savings. Here are a few questions to ask your window installer before window replacement begins in your home:


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      “What if something happens to my windows?”

    Replacement windows are a serious investment, so you should make sure that the replacement window installer you hire can back up the quality of the product and workmanship. Ask whether the installer offers a warranty or guarantee that protects you in case of a damaged or defective product. In addition, be sure to ask about manufacturer guarantees and whether or not this installer is factory-authorized to work with the windows.

    “How long does window replacement take?”

    Knowing how long your home will be window-less is very important. Typically, most homes have replacement windows installed in about a day, but some jobs may require more time. Only your window replacement company can give you an accurate measure of the installation process.

    “Will these windows lower my energy costs?”

    Depending on the types of windows you currently have, upgrading to new replacement windows may dramatically lower your home’s heating and cooling costs. This can help you to stay more comfortable throughout the year without having to crank up your furnace or air conditioner. If you’re looking for windows that will provide you with optimal energy savings, make sure you mention this fact to your window professional.

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  • How to Decide Which Window Style is Right for Your Home’s Window Replacement

    If you’ve already decided on window replacement, you’re one step closer to a more comfortable, beautiful, and energy-efficient home. The next step is to figure out what kinds of windows to install. While sticking with the window styles you currently have is one option, there are other types of windows you should consider. Here are a few different types of replacement windows and why you may consider using them for your home:



    Double Hung Windows

    Double hung windows are the most common type of replacement windows installed today. They’re classically styled and open vertically, much like your home’s current windows probably do. However, both sashes move, meaning that you can slide the top pane down as well. This makes for excellent ventilation and easy cleaning, which is why double hung windows are the perfect solution for any room.

    Awning Windows

    Awning windows are excellent for rooms that require a little more privacy. These windows tilt outward on a hinge at the top of the frame, providing the home with great ventilation without full exposure. This makes awning windows perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms.

    Sliding Windows

    Sliding windows work on the same principle as double hung windows, except that they open horizontally instead of vertically. These windows are ideal for rooms needing lots of natural light, such as a living room or dining area.

    Bay Windows

    Consider installing a bay window in your home if you’re looking to really enhance its architecture. These windows are actually made up of several smaller windows which protrude from the side of the home, creating a small ledge or seating area. Bay windows are perfect for bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms, and can make your home feel larger and brighter.

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