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    • Say goodbye to foggy windows by following these simple tips from the Independent.
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  • Window World Customer Video Testimonial

    If you’re looking for great replacement windows in the Orlando area , come to Window World. As the satisfied customer in this video testifies, the window installer was able to answer every one of his questions, and provided prompt, helpful, and reliable service. Window World makes it a point to handle their business in a way that satisfies their customers. We know windows better than any other company in Orlando—let us install yours.

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  • Keeping Your Windows Clear in Florida’s Humid Climate

    Air conditioning is a must in a humid climate like Orlando, Florida. Unfortunately, the combination of the humidity and cool air could cause condensation on your windows. Keep reading to find out how to keep your windows clear.

    Signs of a Problem

    If you notice extreme condensation on your windows, then you probably have a problem with moisture in your home. Since warm air is capable of containing more moisture than cold air, if there is a large temperature differential on either side of the glass, moisture starts to accumulate on the surface.

    Control Indoor Humidity

    Excess moisture in your home could be causing condensation on the inside. Go through the house to make sure all vents are working properly. Check the bathroom exhaust fans, vents in the attic and laundry room, and any other vents that lead outside to make sure they are not letting moisture into your home. Opening your windows periodically will also get rid of some of the humidity inside the house. Use a dehumidifier near the windows to zap up the excess moisture that is causing the problem.

    Use With Caution

    Some of your everyday tasks make the air inside your home more humid, so take proper steps when using the shower, doing the dishes, or other wet activities. Run bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans so the moisture is removed. You should also refrain from using too much water when watering your plants. If you still notice a problem, then talk to your window installers about other solutions.

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  • Choosing the Ideal Window Style to Suit Each Room

    Replacement windows come in all shapes, sizes and styles. If you are thinking of replacing your windows, then use these tips to find the right style for each room.

    Double Hung

    Double hung windows are great for any room where you want extra light and a great view. This type of window, which consists of two large panes, one of which can be slid to cover the other, is energy-efficient and easy to clean. Each corner is reinforced so the windows are strong and offer your home protection. Double hung windows look good in any room, especially the living room.

    Bay and Bow

    Bay and bow windows are custom-made, which means they will increase the aesthetic and financial value of your house. Expand your view and build yourself a nice, peaceful place to eat with a beautiful bay or bow window in the dining room. These windows won’t sag or buckle, and if you install Low-E glass, they’ll save you money on your energy bill.

    Casement and Awning Windows

    Get rid of clutter in your kitchen by adorning it with a casement and awning window. This simple style is resistant to corrosion, and has a simple yet effective locking system. Casement and awning windows are a beautiful addition to any room.

    Slider Windows

    Make your life easier with a slider window that allows you to clean even the sash from inside the house. These windows can be enforced with triple-barrier weather stripping to protect your home from the elements. Use them in the bathroom to make it easier to clean.

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