If you’ve enjoyed our recent blog topics, then you’ll love these great resources from around the Web.

Our recent blogs have featured information on when to replace old, wasteful windows and understanding energy-efficient windows. If you’re looking for more information on these important issues, then check out some of these resources.

  • Energy Star has information on what makes a window energy-efficient and describes the many qualifying criteria
  • When choosing energy-efficient replacement windows, there are many factors to consider, including local climate.  Check out the map on EfficientWindow.org to learn a little more.
  • At a certain point, your windows are literally not worth keeping around because they will cost you money.  SeriousWindows.com has information to help you know when to replace your old windows.
  • Part of energy-efficiency is having a window that has been installed correctly, securely, and tightly.  The installation process is discussed on GreenYour.com.

Be sure to check out Window World if you are replacing your windows. We are a premier window company serving Central Florida for over ten years. We provide you with excellent window replacements and window installation. 



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