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    • Energy Star has information on what makes a window energy-efficient and describes the many qualifying criteria
    • When choosing energy-efficient replacement windows, there are many factors to consider, including local climate.  Check out the map on EfficientWindow.org to learn a little more.
    • At a certain point, your windows are literally not worth keeping around because they will cost you money.  SeriousWindows.com has information to help you know when to replace your old windows.
    • Part of energy-efficiency is having a window that has been installed correctly, securely, and tightly.  The installation process is discussed on GreenYour.com.

    Be sure to check out Window World if you are replacing your windows. We are a premier window company serving Central Florida for over ten years. We provide you with excellent window replacements and window installation. 



  • 3 Signs that Your Home’s Windows are Costing You Money and Should be Replaced

    Despite what people think, it’s not uncommon for your windows to continually cost you money.  Your current windows may be old and deteriorating, which can cause a multitude of problems. Additionally, older windows are also simply miles behind the newer models in terms of technological innovations.  Replacing your windows will lower your monthly energy bills, essentially paying for themselves over time.  Let’s take a look at three of the signs you’re due for window replacements.

    Cracked, Chipped, or Broken

    If your window is shattered or damaged in any way, then it’s clearly time for a replacement window.  When your regular window is damaged, it’s not performing any of the functions it was designed to perform.  Its insulation qualities will be reduced to nothing and you won’t have a clear view of your freshly cut lawn.

    Improper Sealing

    All too often, replacement windows are treated as a do-it-yourself, weekend project and the results are less than ideal.  If a replacement window is poorly installed , then you’re not going to reap the benefits of the new technology and you’re actually going to lose money.  One way of knowing if it was installed correctly is to examine the edges and check for openings.

    They Are Single Pane

    If your windows are single pane, then you need to look into the multi-paned , energy-efficient, replacement windows that will save you money and keep you comfortable inside of your home.  Because the benefits are immediate, anybody with outdated technology should certainly give the energy-efficient replacement windows some consideration.

    At Window World of Central Florida, we specialize in replacement windows that pay for themselves in time with the savings they provide on energy bills every single month.  To learn more about our energy efficient replacement windows, visit the Window World of Central Florida website today.


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    • If you think your windows may be the cause of your high energy bills, ask an energy auditor to conduct a blower door test to see if your windows are leaking air. To learn more, read this page from EnergySavers.gov .

    If you’re ready to take advantage of energy efficient double-pane or single-pane windows , then call Orlando’s premier replacement window retailer and installer, Window World. Window World has been helping Orlando area homeowners purchase and install vinyl replacement windows since 1995 and is now one of the largest, most trusted replacement window companies in the United States. To learn more about vinyl replacement windows, visit Window World online or call (407) 389-1400.

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  • Energy Efficient Windows – Consider Installing in Your Home

    If you need new windows and are interested in saving on energy costs, you should consider installing high-quality energy efficient windows in your home. But how can you tell which replacement windows are best for your home? To learn about identifying energy efficient replacement windows, check out this great video from Window World.

    The next step is to talk to a replacement window specialist from Window World about finding windows that fit your home’s unique needs. Window World carries a large variety of high quality replacement windows that look great and will save you money on your energy bills. To learn more about our energy saving vinyl windows, visit Window World online or call (407) 389-1400.