• Why You Shouldn’t Tape Your Windows Before a Storm

    When a storm approaches, protecting your windows is an essential part of keeping your home safe. When you’re choosing replacement windows, opting for windows designed to withstand wind is always a smart option, but whatever type of windows you have, the one thing you should never do is tape them when a storm threatens. Here is why this common mistake is a bad idea for your home.

    Far from strengthening your windows or protecting your home, taping your windows can actually make them deadly when a storm strikes. Taping them ensures that when they break, they will do so in large pieces, which will turn into extremely dangerous projectiles. If your windows are destined to break in a storm, taping them won’t prevent it. It is safer to allow windows to break in small pieces, which are less dangerous when flying through the air.

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  • DIY Cleaning Techniques for Vinyl Siding

    Vinyl siding is durable, attractive, and low maintenance, making it a popular choice for homeowners. Vinyl siding is easy to clean on your own, and with just a little effort, it will look like new again.

    Watch this video to learn how to clean your vinyl siding. Siding should be cleaned about once per year, but be sure to check your product information for any specific recommendations from the manufacturer about your cleaning techniques and suggested cleaning materials for your home.

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  • FAQs About Vinyl Siding

    Vinyl replacement windows have long been popular, but many homeowners have traditionally stayed away from vinyl siding because they think it comes in limited colors or can’t stand up to the environment. Today’s vinyl siding is nothing like it has been in the past, and the reputation it once had is no longer deserved. Are you considering taking the plunge with vinyl siding for you home? Here are the answers to some questions that may be on your mind.

    Won’t vinyl siding limit my color options?

    Choosing vinyl siding no longer means that you must have a beige home. Today’s vinyl siding comes in a range of colors, including deep, rich colors that were once thought impossible to get in vinyl. No matter what color you want to choose for your home, there is a good chance you can find it available in vinyl siding.

    Is vinyl siding vulnerable to wind damage?

    Every kind of siding is vulnerable to wind damage in some way. However, most kinds of vinyl siding are tested to withstand winds up to 110 miles per hour. Reinforced vinyl siding can stand up to even stronger winds, including category 5 hurricanes. The good news is that if your vinyl siding is damaged, it is much easier—and affordable—to fix than other kinds of siding.

    Does vinyl siding require a lot of maintenance?

    Compared to other kinds of siding, vinyl is very low maintenance. It typically only needs to sprayed with a cleaning solution and brushed with a soft-bristled brush about once per year. Power washing is not necessary. Vinyl retains color for much longer than traditional paint, so you can expect it to look as vibrant as when it was installed for a long period of time.

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  • Is Now the Time to Replace Your Windows?

    Although windows are built to be sturdy, nothing lasts forever, and eventually, your windows will need to be replaced. Windows that are exposed to strong winds on a regular basis tend to wear out more quickly than windows in other areas, but every home will need replacement windows at some point. Are your windows trying to tell you that now is the time to swap them out for some new models? Consider getting replacement windows if you notice these signs.

    Your energy bills are high.

    If your energy bills seem to get higher every month, look to your windows. Older windows lack the insulation of newer ones, and that means that heat and cool air is flowing in and out of them. Getting energy efficient windows will reduce your energy costs while making your home more comfortable by keeping your AC inside during the summer and your heat in during the winter.

    Your home survived a severe storm.

    Storms are inevitable, and every home goes through them from time to time. However, if your home went through a significant weather event, like a major hurricane, your windows could have been weakened, even if they didn’t break. Look for warping, bowing, or other signs of damage, or consider having your windows inspected by a professional. It is better to replace weakened windows now than deal with the cleanup of broken windows when the next storm arrives.

    You’re renovating your home.

    When you’re renovating your home, don’t forget to consider replacing your windows. Adding a bay window or adding additional windows to open up your room to a great view can have a dramatic impact on your home’s appearance. Talk to a window replacement company about the different types of windows you can include in your design.

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  • Cleaning Your Window and Door Tracks

    It’s easy to overlook cleaning your window and sliding door tracks, but letting dirt and debris build up in these areas can affect their functionality and impact the longevity of your windows and doors. This video will show you an easy way to keep the tracks clean.

    To clean window and sliding door tracks, start by using your vacuum to remove as much dirt and debris as possible. Next, use baking soda and vinegar to treat the caked-on dirt, using a brush to scrub the track and rinsing it with water when it’s clean.

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  • Highlighting the Advantages of Fiberglass Doors

    If you’re considering replacing your door, you may be surprised to learn just how many advantages fiberglass has. Although there are new doors available in a range of materials, fiberglass has little to no limitations and a long list of advantages. Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing fiberglass when you need a new door for your home.

    Fiberglass doors require the lowest amount of maintenance of any style of door. They effectively resist dents and scratches as well as rust and rot. Fiberglass doors won’t warp like wood and can be painted or stained in the color of your choosing. Fiberglass doors can be designed to look smooth like a steel door or to mimic the appearance of wood. They offer five times the energy efficiency of wood doors and are known for their security.

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  • Ways to Win at Picking Windows for Your Home

    If you’ve decided that it’s time to get replacement windows , you may be surprised to learn how many options are available to you. Fortunately, there are multiple things you can do to narrow down your decision from the many types of windows that are available to get the best possible windows for your home. Keep these things in mind as you select your new windows.

    Consider Your Home’s Architectural Style

    The exterior design of your home can have a big impact on the kinds of windows you choose. If you have a modern home, expansive casement or awing style windows will adhere to the clean lines of your design. For a more traditional home, selecting windows with diamond or colonial grids may be a good choice. Make sure the windows you select fit with the overall aesthetic of your home, from the design of the windows themselves to the colors of the panes and frames.

    Look for the View

    If your home has a view you want to emphasize, use your windows to shine a light on it. Open up a room to the view you want to highlight with large windows, bay windows, or windows without grids. Make those windows the focal point of the room. Using different window shapes can also draw attention to a view you want to emphasize.

    Choose the Right Functionality

    Do you want windows that can be opened, or do you want fixed windows? In some spaces, you may want windows that can be opened to allow fresh air inside, while you may wish for fixed windows in other spaces. Fixed windows tend to be larger, so they are often used in rooms in which you want a more open, airy feel. You can also choose whether you want windows that open traditionally or windows that open awning or garden style.

    Window World can help you select the right types of windows in Orlando for your home, whether you need a few window replacements or you are ready to replace all of your windows. To talk to one of our experienced technicians about your windows, please call (407) 734-2996.

  • Choosing a Front Door That Adds Value to Your Home

    Your front door is an important ingredient in the curb appeal of your home—and an essential part of boosting your home’s value. Adding a new front door to your home can boost the perceived value of your property, ensuring you get a good return on your investment. Here’s how to make the most of your investment in a new front door.

    If you have a standard, six-panel front door, installing a new door will make your home look more appealing to potential buyers. Steel, wood, and fiberglass doors can all improve your home’s appearance and provide durable quality. The key is to opt for a door that includes glass paneling and decorative handles that complement the style of your home.

    With multiple options for new doors in Orlando , making the right decision for your home can be difficult. At Window World, we will walk you through the process of selecting and installing your new door to maximize the increased value it adds to your home. Start the process of picking a new door today by calling (407) 734-2996.

  • A Look at an Innovative Solution for Window Cleaning

    No matter what type of window you have, cleaning them is always a challenge. The window wiper in this video is one way of solving the ongoing problem of cleaning the outside of your windows without getting on a ladder.

    The device, called The Glider, has two halves that can each hold a microfiber cloth. Each half has a magnet, so you can attach one side of the device on the outside of the window and one on the inside and use the inside piece to move both halves. The magnets ensure the pieces move together to clean both sides of the window.

    If you need replacement windows or new windows for a new construction project, choose Window World . We offer a variety of types of windows and assist with window installation in Orlando. Find out more about our services by calling (407) 734-2996.

  • Spotlight on the Benefits of Vinyl Siding

    Vinyl siding is an extremely popular choice for homes for good reason. It is durable, affordable, and versatile, and the installation process is easy, when performed by professionals. If you are building a new home or need new siding in your existing home, there are many benefits to choosing vinyl. Here is a look at some of the reasons homeowners pick vinyl siding so often.

    It’s low maintenance.

    Vinyl siding requires very little care to stay in good condition. Unlike other kinds of siding, vinyl won’t ever need to be repainted or scrapped. Most people are able to keep their vinyl siding looking its best by rinsing it with a hose periodically. Because vinyl doesn’t rot and isn’t vulnerable to pests like wood siding, you won’t have to deal with pest control and repairs. Vinyl is also more resistant to denting than metal siding, so it’s less likely to become damaged during storms or other types of impacts.

    It’s affordable.

    Vinyl is usually more affordable than other forms of siding, making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious homeowners. Vinyl is available in different grades, so premium products do cost more. However, even high-grade vinyl is typically less expensive than other options, such as brick, wood, and stone.

    It’s versatile.

    Vinyl is available in a huge array of colors, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your home. You can also purchase vinyl siding with wide clapboards, small clapboards, vertical boards, and these mimic the appearance of other materials, such as cedar shake. Because it is available in different grades, you can easily find selections that fit your budget. Keep in mind, however, that the color of vinyl siding can fade over time, so bold colors may show signs of aging faster than understated colors.

    At Window World, our insulated vinyl siding offers an unbeatable combination of quality and affordability, no matter the style of your home. If you’re interested in vinyl siding in Orlando, contact us today at (407) 734-2996.