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Tips for Maximizing Your Home’s Energy Efficiency After Installing Replacement Windows

Adding energy-efficient replacement windows to your home is a great first step toward conserving the total amount of energy that you expend. But it's not the only step you need to take; energy can be wasted almost anywhere in your home, and the evidence can be seen in your utility bills every month.

 As your replacement windows are being installed, take a look around your home. Where are you wasting energy?

  • Check your home for air leaks. Electrical outlets, attic hatches, mail slots, and mounted air conditioners are all possible sources of air leaks, and preventing them can increase your energy savings by up to 30 percent.


  • Make sure that your doors are properly sealed; even one leak can be an enormous waste. You will want a door sweep to ensure that no air can leak out under your door, and you'll also want to check the seals on all your doors and any replacement windows regularly to ensure that they don't have any leaks.


  • Many homeowners inadvertently spend more than they need to on lighting. Consider replacing some of your light bulbs with lower-watt ones, or compact fluorescent bulbs. Simply turning off lights when no one is in the room isn't a bad idea, either.


  • You might consider having a home energy assessment, or audit, done by an energy professional. This is an excellent way to identify which specific areas in your home are wasting energy.



Window World, the largest window replacement company in the U.S., we know that energy efficiency is always part of the equation for homeowners. Our custom-made replacement windows provide improved glass performance that will keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer, reducing your heating and air conditioning costs. Contact us today to learn why we're the most trusted window installers around.

Qualities to Look for in a Great Window Installation Company

Finding a window installer to put in your replacement windows isn't difficult, especially with modern technology.  Simply go online, search for “window installation” on your favorite search engine, and you’ll get a long list. While it’s easy to find a window installation company, how do you know you’re getting a good one?   Your search for a reliable window installer will be a lot easier if you keep a few critical things in mind as you look.


  • Ask each window installer you talk to for an estimate, and compare them. Ask about the warranty each company offers for its replacement windows. Make sure the installer is insured. Ask what they do to ensure that each window is energy-efficient.


  • The longer the company has been around, the better. A window installer with experience is going to be better equipped to handle a variety of window situations than one that's in its first year of business. Also, ask about the team's level of experience; you don't want to work with a company where all of the window installers were hired last month.


  • The quality of the window matters. Ask the window installer about the supplier they get their replacement windows from, and check to make sure that the supplier is a reputable company that uses solid, durable materials. If you're uncomfortable with the price you're quoted on your windows, ask if they have more cost-effective window replacement options available.


At Window World, we believe in providing only the finest quality replacement windows for our customers. We have a wide range of windows to choose from, and our installers all adhere to the industry's strictest standards. We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of our replacement windows to ensure that all of our customers are completely satisfied with their purchase.

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Window World Color Collection

From visually exciting colors to warm spices of wood, homeowners can achieve the distinctive beauty of custom-crafted windows without the time-consuming maintenance. The Window World Color Collection of high-performance laminates features rich hues and natural-looking wood finishes that are remarkably strong and fade-resistant.

Utilizing state-of-the-art exterior laminate technology, this superior selection will elevate your windows to a higher level of quality – both in design and endurance.

  • Luxurious colors and natural appeal
  • Matte texture imparts subtle elegance
  • UV-resistant for superior color retention
  • Highly weatherable; stands up strong to extreme heat and cold
  • Resists cracking, scratching and chalking
  • Excellent resistance to dirt, chemicals and environmental pollutants
  • Ideal for seaside climates – resists damage from salt air
  • Features 10 year fade-resistance warranty rider for exterior laminates, in addition to the window's lifetime limited, transferable warranty protection.


View the color profiles for the 4000 and 6000 Series windows and Series 6200 patio doors


High-Performance Exterior Laminate Technology

Laminate technology is no stranger to the rigors of performance testing. Introduced in Europe in the 1970s, this process has been perfected over the decades and long proven for outstanding strength, durability and lasting beauty.

Window World Color Collection's triple-layer composition expertly marries a highly resilient, transparent double layer of protection consisting of PVDF and PMMA materials to an acrylic base layer to form an extremely weatherable surface that maintains its attractive appearance over the life of the product.

Primer on the back side of the laminate combined with a specialty polyurethane adhesive permanently bonds the laminate finish to the window substrate. This fully cross-linked adhesive will not allow the laminate to separate from the window, despite exposure to extreme heat, cold, or other environmental elements.

How To Fix a Broken Window Lock

We've all been the victim of a broken window lock.  Below are just a few ways to fix a broken window lock the next time the situation arises.

  1. Unable to lock the window.
    Unlock the window completely. Push the upper sash upward, as far as it will move and pull the lower sash to the bottom of the window. Once both sashes are in their proper positions you will be able to engage the lock.
  2. The top sash has dropped from its pocket
    Push the upper sash all the way to the top while at the same time pushing the lower sash down. NOTE: You may need an additional person to aid you. This should align and allow you to engage the window lock.
  3. The sashes are not aligned correctly in the channel
    Tilt each sash in as if you are cleaning the windows. Push both sashes firmly back into the window channel. This should align the sash and allow the window to lock properly.
  4. Balance shoe is disengaged
    If the balance shoe becomes disengaged from the sash, the window will not lock because it is misaligned. To correct this situation, please refer to the section on"Windows Dropping Down".

If the instructions listed above do not correct the problem, please call Window World  for further assistance.

Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your New Replacement Windows looking Great

If you’re like most people, your replacement windows have made an extremely positive impact on your home in many ways.  They have enhanced the appearance of your exterior, have added to your home’s energy efficiency, and have—literally—helped brighten your life. 

So why not keep them looking great?  Here are some maintenance tips for your replacement windows.



Keeping your windows clean will go a long way toward improving the view and helping let the light in.  By using a window-specific cleaning solution and a soft, clean rag once a week, you will keep the glass looking great.


From time to time, your window’s frame may require a new coating of paint if you notice any chipping or fading.  You may want to speak with your window installer if your windows are still under warranty.


Always be sure to ask your window installer about e-coatings, because they enhance your replacement windows’ ability to insulate and help to reduce your energy bills.

New replacement windows often have a coating in between the layers of glass, but if the coating is on the outside, then ask if it requires maintenance or replacement to retain its insulation qualities.


Occasionally you’ll want to check on the weather-stripping of your replacement windows, because the rubber seals tend to loosen over time and create leaks and insulation problems. This is why it’s important to use a quality window installer for your window replacements.

At Window World of Central Florida, we offer the best replacement windows available to keep your home looking spectacular.  Also, be sure to ask us about our energy-efficient models and how you can start lowering your energy bills.  Just give us a call or visit our website today.

4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Single-Pane Windows with Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

If you think your house could use a new, bright look, or you’re concerned about your high energy bills, then you may want to consider energy-efficient replacement windows.  Check out these four reasons why.

1. Easy: With replacement windows, there’s no need to tear out the siding or stucco of your house.  Your window installers will simply remove the old frames and install your replacement windows right in the new ones. 

2. Cost: The cost of replacement windows will be about 25 percent of the cost of all new windows because the process is so simple in terms of time and materials.  Your window installers will have your replacement windows installed within a day without making a mess.

3. Energy Savings: The amount of money you’ll save on your energy bills may be shocking.  Your old single-pane windows waste a lot of energy, and your new replacements are extremely efficient.

If you pay $100 a month now with your old windows, then your potential savings with energy efficient replacement windows will save you $1800 at the five year mark.

4. Beautiful Value: Possibly the best reason to replace your old windows is to beautify and increase the value of your home by letting in natural light and maximizing the interior decorating potential of your home. Energy efficient homes may be eligible for tax credits, and often, energy efficient components increase the property value of your home.


At Window World of Central Florida, we offer replacement windows that have won the Good Housekeeping seal of approval.  Our superior quality replacement windows will save you money and look great in the process. To learn more, visit our website today or call to ask about how installing energy efficient replacement windows can benefit your home.

Window World - Installation

Installation of a vinyl window is not a task for a beginner or amateur do-it-yourselfer. Windows need to be installed plumb, level and square. They need to "float" in the actual rough opening. Concentrated loads can distort window frames and cause a poor fit that allows air and/or water infiltration. To achieve the best fit and finish, your windows should be installed by factory trained employees of the window company. The average homeowner doesn't have the tools or experience to achieve a first class installation.

For A Perfect Finish

New windows require a certain level of skill to insure that the fit, operation and finish are perfect. Vinyl replacement windows present extra challenges. Removing an existing window can be a huge task if you don't have the right tools. Existing (and even new houses!) houses can have out of square window openings. The restoration of interior plaster and trim surfaces requires significant coordination and special tools. Exterior caulking, interior insulation installation, etc. all must be accomplished perfectly or you will have a mess - and a drafty window - on your hands.


Window World Professionals

Window World, Inc. employs and trains professional installers who adhere to the strictest standards in the industry. Our success is founded on our professional installation and customer service excellence. From start to finish we perform each job with care, patience, and expertise. You can rest assured that your vinyl replacement windows will be properly installed and keep your home looking beautiful for years to come.

Why You Should Leave Your Replacement Window Installation to Professional Window Installers

When it comes time to replace windows throughout your home, leave the job to the professionals. You may think you are a handyman or women and capable of window installation. And maybe you could do it, but why risk error, damage, or problems, when professionals get the job done quickly and correctly.


Check out these other reasons for hiring a professional window installer, such as Window World of Orlando.


  • Expertise: All window installation requires skill and accuracy. Professional window installers know how to perform the task quickly, correctly and professionally. They will ensure there will be no future problems, including cracks or airs leaks, and identify any current problems.
  • Experience, Help & Tools: Window replacement requires experience in carrying windows without breaking them. Professional window installers come prepared with help to carry, lift, and install windows. They also have all tools needed for the job.
  • Guarantee: One of the most important aspects of professional window installers is their guarantee. Reputable window companies offer warranties on their windows and their work. In the rare case of a problem, it is good to have somebody to call, saving you money and time.
  • Time: Even if you have the tools and help for your own windows installation, why waste your valuable time? It would take you much longer to figure out window replacement than a professional. This is time you could be spent doing something you would rather be doing.


Whether you are convinced or not, contact Orlando’s Window World. For over ten years, we have been providing Central Florida with superb window replacement and window installation. Our professional team will convince you of our expertise and experience, and you will immediately feel glad that you are leaving the work to window replacement specialists. 

Window World at Orlando Home Show 2011

Enjoy interesting exhibits, talk to the experts and listen to special guest speakers at the 2011 Orlando Home Show, the Orlando area’s largest home design and landscaping showcase. Bursting with ideas for remodeling, renovating, design and outdoor living, the Orlando Home Show features TV celebrities, exhibits and seminar experts representing 50-plus home improvement-related disciplines, plus giveaways, contests and much more.

Find the Window World area to check out the latest in window design and renovation.

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