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3 Signs that Your Home's Windows are Costing You Money and Should be Replaced

Despite what people think, it’s not uncommon for your windows to continually cost you money.  Your current windows may be old and deteriorating, which can cause a multitude of problems. Additionally, older windows are also simply miles behind the newer models in terms of technological innovations.  Replacing your windows will lower your monthly energy bills, essentially paying for themselves over time.  Let's take a look at three of the signs you're due for window replacements.

Cracked, Chipped, or Broken

If your window is shattered or damaged in any way, then it's clearly time for a replacement window.  When your regular window is damaged, it's not performing any of the functions it was designed to perform.  Its insulation qualities will be reduced to nothing and you won't have a clear view of your freshly cut lawn.

Improper Sealing

All too often, replacement windows are treated as a do-it-yourself, weekend project and the results are less than ideal.  If a replacement window is poorly installed, then you're not going to reap the benefits of the new technology and you're actually going to lose money.  One way of knowing if it was installed correctly is to examine the edges and check for openings.

They Are Single Pane

If your windows are single pane, then you need to look into the multi-paned, energy-efficient, replacement windows that will save you money and keep you comfortable inside of your home.  Because the benefits are immediate, anybody with outdated technology should certainly give the energy-efficient replacement windows some consideration.

At Window World of Central Florida, we specialize in replacement windows that pay for themselves in time with the savings they provide on energy bills every single month.  To learn more about our energy efficient replacement windows, visit the Window World of Central Florida website today.


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If you’re ready to take advantage of energy efficient double-pane or single-pane windows, then call Orlando’s premier replacement window retailer and installer, Window World. Window World has been helping Orlando area homeowners purchase and install vinyl replacement windows since 1995 and is now one of the largest, most trusted replacement window companies in the United States. To learn more about vinyl replacement windows, visit Window World online or call (407) 389-1400.

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Energy Efficient Windows - Consider Installing in Your Home

If you need new windows and are interested in saving on energy costs, you should consider installing high-quality energy efficient windows in your home. But how can you tell which replacement windows are best for your home? To learn about identifying energy efficient replacement windows, check out this great video from Window World.

The next step is to talk to a replacement window specialist from Window World about finding windows that fit your home’s unique needs. Window World carries a large variety of high quality replacement windows that look great and will save you money on your energy bills. To learn more about our energy saving vinyl windows, visit Window World online or call (407) 389-1400.

A Basic Guide to Caring for Vinyl Replacement Windows

One of the best things about vinyl windows is the minimal amount of upkeep they require. Very little work has to be done in order to keep your vinyl windows looking great year round. But there are a few things that you can do to make sure that they continue to look their best.

The Advantages of Vinyl

Vinyl windows don’t look drastically different than traditional wood windows, and in addition to being more affordable, vinyl is a very durable material. Vinyl is a poor conductor, which makes it great for insulation—so you can expect to save money on your heating and cooling costs during muggy Orlando summers. If your window gets scratched or nicked, it will be very difficult to see because vinyl window frames are colored all the way through, not painted.

Cleaning Your Vinyl Windows

Cleaning your vinyl windows is very easy. To clean your vinyl replacement windows, simply use household cleaners like dish soap or bleach with water (we recommend 1 part bleach to 4 parts water, or 1 part dish soap to 10 parts water). Wiping your windows down with a mop will help keep them nice and clean. If you have access to a power washer, using either of these solutions on the “low” setting will be effective as well. Cleaning your replacement vinyl windows takes very little time and money, and the results will be stunning every time!

If you’re ready for high quality vinyl replacement windows, then contact the replacement window pros at Window World. We have been serving the Orlando area for over 16 years by providing beautiful, money saving, and easy to clean vinyl replacement windows for Orlando homeowners. To learn more about installing vinyl replacement windows in your home, visit Window World online or call (407) 389-1400.

Understanding the Key Differences Between Single- and Double-Pane Replacement Windows

The number of panes, or sheets of window glass, in your replacement windows can make a huge difference in your energy savings. Here are three differences between single-pane and double-pane windows.

1.      Replacement Window Cost

What you will notice right away is that single-pane windows are less expensive than double-pane windows (prices depend on what models you are comparing). This is for a very good reason: double-pane windows are designed to be much better insulators. In addition to having low-E coatings which prevent heat from escaping or entering your vinyl windows, many double-pane windows are also filled with argon, a safe ‘noble gas’ which further insulates your home and prevents heat transfer.

2.      Energy Savings

Double-pane replacement vinyl windows that incorporate special gasses are remarkably energy efficient. The amount of money you can expect to save varies depending on your own energy consumption, but in order to take full advantage of double-pane windows, it is highly recommended that you get double-pane windows with insulating gases between the panes.

3.      Sound Dampening

If you live near downtown Orlando or a busy Orlando suburb, you’re probably tired of all the noise coming from the streets. Double-pane windows are known for their superior sound-dampening and may lessen the amount of excess noise you get from surrounding areas. 

If you’re ready to take advantage of energy efficient double-pane or single-pane windows, then call Orlando’s premier replacement window retailer and installer, Window World. Window World has been helping Orlando area homeowners purchase and install vinyl replacement windows since 1995 and is now one of the largest, most trusted replacement window companies in the United States. To learn more about vinyl replacement windows, visit Window World online or call (407) 792-4796.

Window World Partner Elliot Gealy Qualifies for the U.S. Open

Window World, Inc just announced the extended partnership with Professional Golf Association Tour golfer, Elliot Gealy

“I have been blessed to add the support received from Window World and its people into my corner and am very appreciative of their financial support,” said Gealy. “Without sponsors such as Window World, who go above and beyond, it would be nearly impossible for me to compete and work towards my professional goals and objectives. It’s exciting to share in this grand experience with Window World, and I intend to play hard for them next week and throughout the remainder of the season.” 

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Happy Father's Day

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Happy Father's Day

How to Choose Energy Efficient Windows for Your Home

Choosing energy-efficient windows is a great decision when it comes to your home's comfort, energy efficiency, and environmental responsibility.  However, you'll want to consider a few things when you choose your particular types of window replacements.  For example, it's important to consider the climate you live in and to understand the rating systems involved.

To learn more, watch this video on choosing energy-efficient windows for your home.  Notice that you can take advantage of a tax credit if the energy-efficient window replacement you choose meets certain energy-efficiency criteria.

At Window World of Central Florida, we'll help you choose the perfect replacement windows for your home and make sure you save money as a result.  To learn more about our energy efficient replacement windows, visit our website today.


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What Makes a Window Energy Efficient?

There are many components to an energy efficient window.  An energy rating for replacement windows is based on four primary characteristics: The u-factor, which determines how much heat can escape, the solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), which determines how much heat can enter, visible transmittance (VT), which is the ability to see through the window, and air leakage (AL), which measures the amount of air allowed to flow through your window.  Below is a brief guide on how to choose the right window according to these measurements how different construction elements affect each of them.


  • U-Factor

Having a low u-factor is less important in Orlando than it is in New York, because Floridians are primarily concerned with keeping heat out.  In warmer climates, you can live efficiently and comfortably with window replacements that have a u-factor as high as .60.  In colder climates, however, you'll definitely need a lower number.

  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient

The SHGC rating you choose will also depend on the climate you live in.  In warmer climates like here in Florida, you'll want to stay below a .30 rating.  Finding a window below a .27 will help maximize your energy efficiency.

  • Visible Transmittance and Air Leakage

Energy Star doesn’t set limits on visibility or air leakage.  Nonetheless, it's nice to have a high VT and a low AL.



  • Frame

The frame doesn't have to be made with a particular material, but it must meet quality standards for proper heat transfer and insulation.  Fiberglass, vinyl, wood, aluminum, wood, composite, and combination frames can all qualify to be considered energy efficient when installed correctly.

  • Multiple Panes

Multiple pane replacement windows are much more efficient than their single-pane counterparts.  Inert gasses fill the space between the panes to provide for additional insulation, keeping conditioned air inside and the uncomfortable air out.

  •  Low-E Glass

A special coating on low-e glass helps to reflect light.  In addition to helping keep your home comfortable, it protects your furniture from fading.

If you're ready to maximize your insulation and energy efficiency, then call Window World of Central Florida to learn about our replacement windows.  Visit our website for more information.

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