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DIY Home Energy Audits: What to Know and Where to Check

Every homeowner and landlord should have an energy audit performed. Home energy audits identify problem areas in the building that force HVAC systems to work harder than they should. This means homeowners can determine which steps to take to improve their home’s energy efficiency, such as by putting in new, energy-saving windows and doors, or adding more insulation. You could hire a professional to do a home energy audit for you, or you could take a DIY approach.

Doing the Dollar Bill Test

One very quick way to test your doors for energy efficiency is to use the dollar bill test. Open the door and hold the bill next to the frame. Close the door on the bill. When you pull the bill out, see if it puts up much resistance. If it doesn’t drag, you’re losing air there.

Performing a Smoke Test

You can use the smoke test to check for air leaks around both windows and doors. First, close everything that leads to the outside, including windows, doors, and flues. Open all of the interior doors, and turn on everything that emits air from the inside to the outside. These include your clothes dryer, stove hood vent, and bathroom fans. Ignite a stick of incense and move it along every door and window frame. Do the same to electrical outlets and switch plates that are located on exterior walls. As you do this, watch the smoke to see how it behaves. If there’s an air leak, you’ll notice the smoke blowing around abnormally.

Fixing Problems

Sometimes, adding some extra caulk around your windows and doors just isn’t enough to stop air leaks. And if you have older windows and doors, they probably won’t meet today’s energy efficiency standards. Consider looking into window financing to help you replace these outdated features. Energy-efficient windows and well-built doors will pay for themselves in utility savings.

When you’re fed up with high utility bills, it’s time to talk to the folks at Window World. We install energy-efficient windows and doors in Orlando. Give us a call today at (407) 734-2996, and let us know how we can help with your home improvement goals.

A Look at Window World's 4000 Series Windows

When you’re as serious about new windows and doors as we are at Window World, you have all kinds of products for your customers to choose from. One set of energy-saving windows we’re proud to offer is our 4000 Series. Read on for a look at Window World’s 4000 Series windows.

If you want a perfect blend of durability, energy efficiency, and home comfort, then take a look at Window World’s 4000 Series. These double hung windows will last for years, and it won’t take much maintenance to keep them in shape over time. Thanks to the energy efficiency the windows add to the home, you’ll also save money on your bills and keep your home more consistently comfortable. Our 4000 Series windows are also sleek and aesthetically attractive, so be sure to check out what Window World has in stock when making a decision.

This is only one series out of the vast array of new windows in Orlando that we have to offer. Contact Window World or check out our website to learn about our window financing options. If you have any questions, you can reach us by giving us a call at (407) 734-2996.

How to Touch Up Your Therma-Tru Wood-Grained Door Using a Stain Pen

Window replacements and new doors will bring up your curb appeal, but only if you keep them properly maintained. A scratch in your wooden door may be noticeable, so make sure to take care of it quickly. Watch this video for tips on touching up your Therma-Tru wood-grained door using a stain pen.

Start by putting on your safety glasses and gloves, and then inspect the scratch. If it’s not long or across grains, a stain pain might be all you need. Shake the pen and test it on a dry cloth or test paper, and then fill in the scratch in the direction of the grain. Wipe away any excess finish, and then apply another layer if you need to.

Sometimes you run into a job that’s best left to the pros, and that’s when you should call Window World at (407) 734-2996. We’ll help you find a replacement door or energy-efficient window in Orlando.

Tips for Choosing Your Home's Exterior Color Palette

The exterior of your home is what gives visitors and passersby their first impressions of the house, so you want to make it count. Different types of windows, outdoor window treatments, and garage doors all bring their own colors and styles to your overall design. Read ahead for some tips for choosing your home’s exterior color palette.

Look at Your Neighbors

If you’re planning on changing up your exterior home design, you should first decide whether you want to fit into the neighborhood or stand out from it. Some neighborhoods have a strict policy that requires your home design to fit in, but others let homeowners do whatever they want with their palettes. Once you decide which camp you’re in, you can either choose a palette that matches your neighborhood but fits your home or one that will make yours the most recognizable home on the block.

Consider Your Options

Your home can be as colorful as you want it to be. Certain elements, like your doors, vinyl windows, and siding, will bear most of this color. Consider what materials you’d like in your doors and windows, and look at the options you have to choose from. New windows and doors come in a surprising range of colors and design styles, so you might have a broader range of options than you think. Your siding will also be a huge contributor to your curb appeal, so think about what kind of backdrop you want for your windows and doors to fit into.

Keep It All Cohesive

Some people like to fit in, and others like to stand out. Either way, you’ll probably want to create a cohesive home design. Make sure your windows, doors, siding, roof, and shutters all show colors that work together to combine into one cohesive palette.

The types of windows and garage doors near Orlando that you choose for your home will play a considerable role in your curb appeal, so choose wisely with the help of Window World’s team of experts. Check out our website or call us at (407) 734-2996 to learn about our quality products and services.

A Quick Guide to Window World's Selection of Siding Products

With all of the energy-saving windows, sliding doors, and vinyl siding options we have to offer at Window World, you should get to know your options and find the best match for your needs. Our professionals will also be happy to point you in the right direction. Keep reading for a quick guide to Window World’s selection of siding products.

2000 Siding

You could call Window World’s selection of siding sister products in that they have their own unique traits, but they all still have the same family values. Our 2000 Vinyl Siding is for those who want durable siding that doesn’t require much maintenance. This siding option is affordable, and the fact that all you have to do to maintain it is wash it down once in a while means you’ll save money on cleaning products as well.

4000 Reinforced Siding

The 2000 Vinyl Siding is a practical and convenient choice, but you might need a little more strength. If you live in an area where the weather can get severe, then an option like our 4000 Reinforced Siding might do you better. It offers superior resistance to the elements, protecting you from the strong winds and rains that come with severe hurricanes. It’s got a unique locking system, better rigidity than many of its alternatives, and even comes with a transferrable warranty. The 4000 Reinforced Siding selection is also versatile in design, so it can add to any kind of curb appeal.

4000 Energy Plus Siding

If efficiency is what you’re after, Window World’s 4000 Energy Plus Vinyl Siding is where you should land. This insulated siding helps your HVAC systems function better and keeps your space more comfortable by trapping conditioned air inside and blocking exterior air from coming in.

Are you having trouble deciding which of our siding products is right for you? Visit the Window World website for a closer look at our vinyl siding in Orlando. You can also call us at (407) 734-2996 if you have questions about our window treatments, sliding doors, or window financing options.

Window World's Promise to You

When you need the perfect replacement window in a hurry, you can trust the experts at Window World. It’s our job to keep your home safe, attractive, and energy-efficient, and we always deliver. Watch this video for a look at Window World’s promise to you.

At Window World, we promise to improve your home to the best of our ability using only top-notch products and professional installation techniques. This way you get the best results while still enjoying an affordable price. We treat everyone with care and respect, which is why many of our customers have been referred to us by people we’ve worked with in the past.

Get the full Window World experience by looking through our website or calling us at (407) 734-2996. Our new doors and window treatments near Orlando are second to none, so contact us to improve your home design today.

What Are the Advantages of Hurricane Windows?

Just like any other natural disaster, a hurricane can cause serious widespread damage. With the right type of windows, however, you can keep damage to a minimum. Hurricane windows let you meet local regulations regarding hurricane safety, and they help you and your family feel more secure during a storm. Keep reading for more on the advantages of hurricane windows.

Minimize Damage

If you need a replacement window due to some kind of damage to your old one, then it’s clear that you could benefit from a stronger type of window. Hurricane windows hold up against the strongest winds, which is an important characteristic for those who live on the coast. This type of window resists breaking and shattering, so heavy winds won’t blow shards of glass all over the inside of your house. Hurricane windows protect your living space and everything inside of it, including your family.

Meet Regulations

When you live in an area where hurricanes are relatively common, local building regulations will reflect this natural threat. Buildings need to be strong enough to stand up against heavy winds. If they aren’t, they may fall over and damage other buildings, vehicles, and property on their way down. Proper hurricane window installation will help you meet the local codes as well as your personal standards.

Retain Peace of Mind

A severe weather event like a hurricane might put some people in a panic, but preparation helps when it comes to staying calm and collected. If you have hurricane windows, you will feel a bit safer and more secure when the heavy winds hit. Panicking only makes disasters more difficult to deal with, but this type of window should give you some peace of mind while you wait out the storm. You can also reassure your children that they’ll be safe thanks to your hurricane windows.

Hurricane windows can be particularly effective as replacement windows in Orlando, and Window World would be happy to help you find the right ones. Our insulated and double pane windows add a little extra durability and efficiency, so call (407) 734-2996 or visit our website for details.

Signs That Your Home Could Use New Siding

Your siding makes up a substantial portion of your curb appeal, so even with a beautiful entry door and new window treatments, you still need to be concerned with the look of your siding. Bad siding can actually drain your home’s energy efficiency in addition to taking away from your curb appeal, and it could contribute to a mold problem as well. Look out for these signs that your home could use new siding.

Increasing Energy Bills

Energy-efficient windows and doors trap heated or cooled air inside, so your energy bills will go down and your HVAC equipment won’t have to overextend itself. If your energy bills are still too high even with your energy-saving windows and doors, then your siding could be the problem. If your exterior walls are falling apart, they won’t do much to separate your conditioned indoor air from the uncomfortable outdoor air. Then your heater or air conditioner will have to work harder, requiring more energy and raising your bills. Replace your siding to fix this problem.

Cracking and Fading

Siding may be the first aspect of your house that catches people’s eyes as they pass by, so you want it to look good. If yours is cracking and fading, your curb appeal could suffer in a big way. This can bring down the value of your home, annoy your neighbors and the town, and make it more difficult to sell your home in the future. If your siding is significantly faded or is starting to show obvious cracks, it’s probably time to replace it.

Mold Growth

Moisture is the primary component behind mold. If you find mold, mildew, or any kind of fungus growing out of your siding, then there is probably water trapped in the wall. Deal with this problem by clearing out the mold and replacing your siding.

New vinyl siding near Orlando makes your space more efficient, attractive, and healthy, so call Window World at (407) 734-2996 to learn about your options. Our website also provides a look at our window treatments, sliding doors and energy-efficient windows.

Additional Features and Options for Your Window World Garden Windows

Window World is pleased to extend our Lifetime Limited Warranty to our premium garden windows. These types of windows are traditionally installed in the kitchen to provide a home for pots or kitchen herbs and other favorite greenery. Our garden windows come standard with high-end features like a multi-point locking system, insulated glass, and oak or birch seatboards. Many of our customers like to add on some optional features to these insulated windows, like our full fiberglass screens to allow a healthy flow of fresh air without letting in insects.

Choose our SolarZone Insulated Glass Package for superior energy efficiency. You’ll get low emissivity glass and the Intercept TM Warm Edge Spacer System. Select the laminate finish that works best in your home. We offer white, beige, and light oak finishes.

Let us help you plan your replacement window project in Orlando today. Contact Window World at (407) 734-2996 for assistance choosing the right types of windows for your home.

Spotlight on Therma-Tru's Classic Craft Expansion

Therma-Tru is a leading innovator in the replacement door market, and the company has recently released an expansion of its Classic Craft series. Watch this video to get a glimpse of some of their exciting new offers. You’ll see the new styles, widths, and heights of the additions to their American Style Collection and Rustic Collection.

Many of the new doors feature expanded widths and heights to meet the rising demand of homeowners for larger entryways. Therma-Tru’s new line has been designated as a Best Buy selection in the fiberglass entry door category of Consumer Digest. You’ll see why when you view the simple elegance of the Shaker-inspired design of the American Style, and the Old World vibe of the Rustic Collection.

Window World is proud to carry the premium Therma-Tru line of entry doors for our discerning customers. If you’re shopping for a new door and live near Orlando, give us a call at (407) 734-2996.

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