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Benefits of High-Performance Exterior Laminate Windows

When choosing replacement windows from your home, there are a variety of factors to consider. It’s important for the windows you choose to fit in nicely with your home, both in size and style. It’s also important to find windows that offer the amount of light you’re looking for and have a reputation for strength and durability. High-performance exterior laminate window technology helps homeowners by providing a variety of benefits, including:



  • Durability. High-performance exterior laminate windows are a great choice because they are known for their extreme durability. Traditional glass windows can break easily, putting homeowners at risk for injury while also compromising their home’s security. Exterior laminate technology reduces these risks by providing a more durable window that contains a resistant layer of protection. These windows do a much better job of standing up to both extreme weather and potential intruders.
  • UV Protection. Natural sunlight is an important element when choosing windows, but many homeowners only consider how much light they find pleasant. It’s also important to think about how this natural sunlight will affects items inside of your home, including furniture, flooring, and window treatments. These items can all fade over time due to exposure to strong UV rays. Laminate technology allows for better UV resistance, blocking up to 95% of harmful rays and protecting the color and life of your indoor belongings.
  • Noise Reduction. Your home’s windows play a large role in the sound pollution that you experience from outside sources. Laminated windows have been found to greatly reduce the amount of noise that comes in from outside. This is a great benefit for homeowners that live by noisy construction areas, airports, and other venues that typically produce a lot of unwanted sound.

Here at Window World, we offer a wide variety of beautiful and durable laminated windows. We’re Orlando’s top name in replacement windows, and our team can help you find windows that meet all of your needs. Give us a call today at (321) 282-6200 to learn more.


Preparing Your Home for Replacement Window Installation

Windows are an important part of any home—they let us see the neighborhood, give us natural light, and can add to the aesthetic qualities of our homes. If your windows have seen better days, then you can also increase your home’s value by installing replacement windows. This brief guide will help you prepare your home for replacement window installation:


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  • Expose your windows. Before your replacement windows can be installed, you must clear away any accessories that may be covering your windows. No matter what type or size window treatments may be adorning your current windows, they will need to be removed in order to provide an appropriate workspace. Carefully take down any curtains, drapes, or blinds before the day of installation. If possible, you should also uninstall any window treatment fixtures above or around your windows to promote an even safer working environment.
  • Clear off nearby walls. After removing your window treatments and storing them in a safe place, you’ll want to remove other wall items and decorations. You should take off any pictures, paintings, wall hangings, and other accessories that are located on the wall which holds your current windows. You may also want to clear off the walls connected to the window-containing wall. During the installation process, different steps and tasks may cause shaking or movement of the walls. By clearing your walls, you’ll protect your belongings from falling and possibly breaking.
  • Create a path for the installation team. Once your windows and walls are cleared off and ready for the installation process, you’ll want to take one final step to make sure the window replacement team is able to safely and easily get their equipment into your home and to the windows. Remove any objects that may be in the way of a clear path—this includes chairs, lamps, desks, or any other furniture that could disrupt the flow of the work area.

If you’d like to learn more, then contact the team here at Window World. Our window installers specialize in providing top-quality service and excellent care. Visit us online or call us at (321) 282-6200 for more information.



Window World Resources to Help you Spruce up Your Old Windows

Does your home have outdated windows or are you looking for ways to spruce them up? Read through the links below for home window help. 


WW sliding

  • If your home has old, outdated windows, read this article on how to know if you need new windows.
  • TLC gives some helpful advice about window treatments and colors in this extensive article.
  • Better Homes and Gardens has several easy, no-sew window treatments with instructions on their decorating and home ideas page.

For high-quality window installation, call Window World today at (321) 282-6200. Window World Orlando has more than 15 years of experience in working with homeowners to find the perfect replacement windows for their home. Schedule a free in-home consultation today and install new windows you'll love.


Our Customers Know us Best - Hear What They Have to Say

Are you tired of hearing every noise from the streets in your home? Peace and quiet has a lot to do with the quality of our windows. Watch this video testimonial from Window World customers. They were highly impressed at the noise cancelling quality of their replacement windows. Customer after customer has been satisfied by their Window World replacement windows.


Call Window World of central Florida today at (321) 282-6200 for more information about installing replacement windows in your home. As the best window company and window installer in Orlando, we can help you pick the windows that will work the best in each room.


Window Treatment Ideas For Your New Replacement Windows

If you have recently had replacement windows installed, then you probably love the way they enhance your home’s façade and brighten your rooms. However, your replacement windows can be more beautiful if they are accented with stunning window treatments that accent bright, natural light. Here are some window treatment ideas for your new replacement windows. 


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Curtain Color

Although dark cloth can block the sun and keep your home nice and cool during the summer months, dark rooms are uninviting. Light fabrics are popular because they allow light into your home, filtering it to produce a soft, gentle glow. Whether you are buying new curtains for your replacement windows or making your own, consider cooler colors like blues for a smaller room and warmer colors to make a large room more inviting.


Play with shape and texture when you choose curtains. Curved rods draw curtains into the room, making them appear more prominent. Drape your curtain to the side during the day to let the sunlight in, framing your replacement windows like an art piece. Do you want curtains that open upward or to the side? Consider what would make most sense in your rooms and with your new windows.


If you have plain white curtains, consider adding color to them with do-it-yourself projects. You can add ribbons of color at the top, zig-zags along the whole curtain, printed text, or other bursts of color. Try to match it to the color theme of the room or use accent tones.

To learn more home design ideas and trends, call Window World at (321) 282-6200 today. We have a great selection of windows that will make your house look brilliant.


What Makes Old Windows Inefficient?

How long have you been living in your home? If you have spent decades in your home, and have never had the windows replaced, start shopping! If you have recently moved into an old home with old windows, consider having them replaced sooner than later. Old windows are inefficient and cost more money over the long term than it would cost to replace them. Here’s why:


Window Dining


Older windows are typically single-paned, with poor insulation. As a result, older windows often provide little to no noise reduction. Homeowners with old windows often complain that they can hear crickets chirping loudly at night and every car that drives by as if they were sitting on the patio.


Because they are thin and often poorly insulated, old windows are not energy efficient. Modern windows are typically double-paned and often contain argon or other dense gases between the panes, preventing energy transfer. Many old window frames are made from materials like wood that tend to degrade and rot. When windows cease to insulate, your heating system has to work harder to keep your home warm.


Single-paned windows can freeze and crack during cold winters, or develop leaks. New, energy-efficient windows are often made of durable materials like vinyl, which provide proper installation and last a lifetime. Hiring professional installers to replace your windows will not only reduce your energy bills, but will also keep out bad weather and make your home more secure.

Aesthetic Value

We all want our windows to look good on the inside and out. If your old windows are decaying and broken from years of wear, there’s no good reason not to replace them. New replacement windows bring new life and light to the house.

For high-quality replacement window installation, call Window World today at (321) 282-6200. We also install doors and vinyl siding.


More Resources Brought to you by Window World of Central Florida

Your windows can increase your home’s value and lower your monthly energy bills. Explore these pages to learn more about the best windows for your home.


  • Say goodbye to foggy windows by following these simple tips from the Independent.
  • Find the best window style for your home with the help of the guys from This Old House.

For more information, call Window World at (321) 282-6200.


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Window World Customer Video Testimonial

If you’re looking for great replacement windows in the Orlando area, come to Window World. As the satisfied customer in this video testifies, the window installer was able to answer every one of his questions, and provided prompt, helpful, and reliable service. Window World makes it a point to handle their business in a way that satisfies their customers. We know windows better than any other company in Orlando—let us install yours.

Watch this video to hear more about Window World’s superior customer service, and call us at (321) 282-6200 to get your own window replacements.


Keeping Your Windows Clear in Florida's Humid Climate

Air conditioning is a must in a humid climate like Orlando, Florida. Unfortunately, the combination of the humidity and cool air could cause condensation on your windows. Keep reading to find out how to keep your windows clear.

Signs of a Problem

If you notice extreme condensation on your windows, then you probably have a problem with moisture in your home. Since warm air is capable of containing more moisture than cold air, if there is a large temperature differential on either side of the glass, moisture starts to accumulate on the surface.

Control Indoor Humidity

Excess moisture in your home could be causing condensation on the inside. Go through the house to make sure all vents are working properly. Check the bathroom exhaust fans, vents in the attic and laundry room, and any other vents that lead outside to make sure they are not letting moisture into your home. Opening your windows periodically will also get rid of some of the humidity inside the house. Use a dehumidifier near the windows to zap up the excess moisture that is causing the problem.

Use With Caution

Some of your everyday tasks make the air inside your home more humid, so take proper steps when using the shower, doing the dishes, or other wet activities. Run bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans so the moisture is removed. You should also refrain from using too much water when watering your plants. If you still notice a problem, then talk to your window installers about other solutions.

Get the best windows in all of Orlando at Window World. Our energy-efficient windows save you money and also look great. For more information, visit our website or call (321) 282-6200.


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Choosing the Ideal Window Style to Suit Each Room

Replacement windows come in all shapes, sizes and styles. If you are thinking of replacing your windows, then use these tips to find the right style for each room.

Double Hung

Double hung windows are great for any room where you want extra light and a great view. This type of window, which consists of two large panes, one of which can be slid to cover the other, is energy-efficient and easy to clean. Each corner is reinforced so the windows are strong and offer your home protection. Double hung windows look good in any room, especially the living room.

Bay and Bow

Bay and bow windows are custom-made, which means they will increase the aesthetic and financial value of your house. Expand your view and build yourself a nice, peaceful place to eat with a beautiful bay or bow window in the dining room. These windows won’t sag or buckle, and if you install Low-E glass, they’ll save you money on your energy bill.

Casement and Awning Windows

Get rid of clutter in your kitchen by adorning it with a casement and awning window. This simple style is resistant to corrosion, and has a simple yet effective locking system. Casement and awning windows are a beautiful addition to any room.

Slider Windows

Make your life easier with a slider window that allows you to clean even the sash from inside the house. These windows can be enforced with triple-barrier weather stripping to protect your home from the elements. Use them in the bathroom to make it easier to clean.

Come to Window World for your window replacements. As the best window company and window installer in Orlando, we can help you pick the windows that will work the best in each room. For more information, visit our website or call (321) 282-6200.


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