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A Quick Introduction to Cedar Shakes

Choosing a roof style is a big decision because you want it to be effective and efficient, and you also want it to match the design that your vinyl windows and their treatments create for the house. Cedar roofing typically uses shingles, but cedar shakes can be a great option as well. Watch this video for a quick introduction to cedar shakes.

Shingles are pieces of cedar wood that have been sawn on both sides, while shakes are a split product. This means that it is split instead of sawn, so it comes out thicker and gives the roof more texture.

Think about the style of your roof when you choose a vinyl window near Orlando, and choose matching materials to boost your curb appeal. Call Window World at (407) 734-2996 or view our website to see our bay windows, vinyl siding, and garage door options.

Top Tips for Decorating Your Garden Window

If you’re installing a new window, you should think about how you’d like to decorate it beforehand. That way you can choose a window that makes sense for the design you’re trying to create. Don’t just limit yourself to plants, but don’t go too crazy either. Here are some tips for decorating your garden window.

Choose the Right Window

Think about what you want your new window to look like before you make any final decisions. From there, try to find the type of window that makes the most sense for the design you have in mind. Bay windows offer a lot of room for decorating, so they may be the right choice for your garden window.

Use More than Plants

Your garden window should include plants, of course, but you don’t have to stop there. If you’re the more creative type, you’ll probably see your garden and start thinking of other elements that you could add to the scene. An outdoor garden might include painted rocks, tiny windmills, and other interesting features to spruce up the plants, and you can do the same with your garden window. If you think of other elements to add to your garden window that contribute to the natural look, you might be on to something.

Don’t Go Overboard

While it’s true that there can be room for plants and other features in your garden window, try not to force your design. If you overload your indoor garden with decorations, you might give people too much to look at. Mix and match plants and flowers with pictures and coffee mugs, but don’t do it to the point where it’s tough to understand what you’re seeing. It helps to leave some space and keep the design relatively simple, and this also makes it easy to change up the look throughout the year.

Before making your indoor garden, you’ll need to pick out the right new window in Orlando to decorate. Call Window World at (407) 734-2996 or see our website for a look at our product inventory, which includes beautiful bay windows and window accents.

Signs It's Time to Replace Your Front Entry Door

It might be on the side of your house, but your front entry door is usually right up front and center. Whether you use your garage door or a sliding door to get inside, it should be easy to use and nice to look at. If you’re finding moisture between your panes, you could be experiencing one of the signs that it’s time to replace your front entry door.

Your Door is Difficult to Use

Getting through your entry door should not be a time-consuming ordeal. If your sliding door keeps sticking or gives you a hard time when you try to get in or out of the home, something is wrong. The problem could be due to a subpar installation when you first purchased the door, or it could have come as a result of aging. Your entry door should be easy to use, and if you have to teach your guests how to use the door, it’s probably time to replace it.

Your Curb Appeal Is Suffering

The entry door is an important part of your curb appeal. If it’s broken, weathered, warped, or otherwise losing its aesthetic appeal, you can revive your design by replacing the door.

Your Door Collects Moisture

Like your roof or your siding, your front entry door helps separate the inside of your space from the world outside. If it doesn’t do this properly, you’ll probably need repair or replacement. If you notice moisture building up on or in between the panes of your door, this moisture may spread throughout the house. This can lead to a mold problem that reduces your indoor air quality and causes health problems for your family. It also means air from outside can get inside, so your heating and cooling appliances won’t be as efficient. A new door will solve all of these problems.

It’s best to replace your front entry door as soon as you can, and Window World can be of service. We offer patio and garage doors in addition to front entry sliding doors in Orlando. Give us a call at (407) 734-2996 for more information.

Window World's Custom Window Services

A replacement window might be difficult to find if you’re looking for a particularly unique shape, but at Window World, we’re dedicated to making it as easy as possible. Our custom window services will help you find the exact window you need to get your curb appeal back to where it should be. Read on for a preview of Window World’s custom window services.

If you have a custom-shaped window, it might not be so easy to find a replacement. That is, it might not be so easy unless you work with the professionals at Window World. Thanks to our custom window services, you can find exactly the windows you need to restore the aesthetic appeal and comfort of your home. We can help you out with any kind of shapes and configurations you need, and we can even combine different styles to bring your design idea to life.

You can learn everything you want to know about Window World’s custom window services by giving us a call at (407) 734-2996. If you need a replacement window in Orlando, we have you covered, so visit our website and look at our insulated windows and window accent services.

A Look at Hurricane Protection Options

You need to think about a lot of different factors when you prepare for a hurricane, from rising water to the effects of wind and rain. One effective way of protecting yourself is choosing the right types of windows. Watch this video to learn about your hurricane protection options.

A hurricane can do some real damage to your building, and the damage can come in different ways. Hurricanes bring strong winds, heavy rains, and rising water levels, all of which can take a toll on homes and businesses. Hurricane windows and reinforced doors can help with damage control. Stronger windows and doors are less likely to break due to projectiles that are swept up, keeping your family or employees safe.

Certain types of windows near Orlando can protect your house or business from a hurricane, and Window World can help you find them. Call (407) 734-2996 if you need replacement doors or new window treatments.

Comparing Entry Door Materials

Whether you’re in need of a sliding door or a new door for your garage, you should think about the materials that go into the product. Wood, steel, and fiberglass doors have different advantages and drawbacks, and you should know about them before you make a purchase. Continue reading for a quick comparison of some different entry door materials.


Your entry door is probably the first door your guests will see up-close when they arrive at your house, so you’ll want it to look great. If you are comfortable committing to the maintenance requirements and want your door to stand out, wood might be the choice for you. Although you’ll have to put some work into it to keep it from rotting or warping, a wooden door comes with a certain type of beauty that other materials have a hard time replicating. Wood is also warm to the touch, and it tends to be easy to fix up scratches on the door.


As beautiful as wood is, it’s not the most energy-efficient choice and it is susceptible to a number of problems. Steel doesn’t require nearly as much maintenance as wood, and it’s more affordable as well. Steel doors are energy-efficient, good at insulating your space, and excellent for security. On the other hand, you have to watch out for scratches, dents, and rust with this kind of door.


Of all the materials that can go into a door, fiberglass may have the fewest drawbacks. It’s easy to maintain, it holds up against dents and scratches, and it’s not vulnerable to rust or deterioration. It’s also energy-efficient like steel, but it can be painted to change the style. Fiberglass doors are secure, they won’t warp, and they offer more insulation than wood.

If you’re not sure which material to choose for your new door in Orlando, contact Window World. We’d be happy to help you find the right vinyl siding or sliding door for your needs. Call us today at (407) 734-2996 to learn more about us.

A Homeowner's Guide to Soffits and Fascias

It’s your job to keep your house in shape and maintain your home’s curb appeal, and understanding your soffits and fascias will come in handy. Understanding what makes your window treatments, roof, and exterior of your home attractive helps you build up your curb appeal. Here’s a homeowner’s guide to soffits and fascias.

What You Need to Know

Soffit and fascia aren’t necessarily terms that every homeowner knows, although it would do them well to learn about them. The words soffit and fascia are used to describe two separate—although similar and linked—elements of the exterior of the house. When you look at your house from the street, the soffit may be the first thing you see. This is a board that hangs below the roof and its fascia, and it’s often ventilated. The fascia board follows the lower edge of the roof and helps to support the lower row of roof tiles and the gutter system.

Who You Can Work With

If you have a problem with your soffits or fascias, you should call the professionals instead of trying to resolve the issue by yourself. Your soffits and fascias can contribute to your curb appeal just as much as your window treatments and sliding doors can, so it pays to take care of them. Your door and window professionals may be able to help you determine what’s wrong with your soffits and fascias and restore your curb appeal.

How to Recognize Problems

Take a moment to walk out to the curb and look back at your home or workplace when you can. Do you notice any deterioration? Since soffits and fascias are typically noticeable from the curb, make sure they’re always in shape. A problem with your soffits may affect your ventilation, so keep that in mind if your energy bills are fluctuating.

Is there still more you’d like to know about soffits and fascias? Call the Window World team at (407) 734-2996 if you have any questions. Our garage doors, vinyl windows, and window treatments near Orlando will bring up your curb appeal and make maintenance easier.

We Make It Easy to Submit a Warranty Claim

Here at Window World in Orlando, we pride ourselves on our world-class customer service. We’re here for you should you ever have a question or concern about your replacement windows. You can feel confident in our window installation warranty—we’ll fix any window we installed.

If you ever need to submit a warranty claim, you can do so easily and quickly via our website. Click on the “Services” tab and then click on “Repair & Claims.” Scroll down to the Warranty Claim Request Form. Fill in your name, number, and address. Enter the serial number of the window that needs repairs. If you aren’t sure where the serial number is located, click on the link beneath the field for the serial number, and then check the brief tutorial that corresponds with the type of window that needs repairs. Lastly, add some notes about the nature of the problem, and submit your claim.

The team at Window World puts our customers first. If you have any questions about your replacement doors or new windows in your Orlando home, call us at (407) 734-2996.

Take a Closer Look at Window World's Sliding Windows

All windows accomplish the same basic goals: to let in natural light, allow views of the outdoors, and improve ventilation. But some windows are more stylish, functional, and well-made than others, and when you choose Window World for your replacement windows, you can select from an extensive variety that meet all of those criteria. One popular option is our sliding windows, which instantly adds sophistication to any room.

Smooth, Consistent Operation

Unlike most windows, sliding windows open horizontally. One window pane remains stationary, and the other sash easily slides to the side to let in the fresh air. Some people find that horizontally opening windows are easier to manage, and our sliding windows guarantee smooth, reliable operation. Our product features a pull rail and a dual roller system, which has an adjustable height setting.

Energy Efficiency

Here at Window World, energy efficiency is among our top priorities because we understand that your priorities include low utility bills and an eco-friendly home. We’re proud to announce that our sliding windows meet the Energy Star zone requirements. They feature our SolarZone insulated glass packages, which help keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Fine Craftsmanship

The mainframe and vinyl sash of our sliding windows are fully welded for superior strength. Take a close look at the stylish beveled edge on the exterior, and then take a step back to see how it complements the overall sleek design of the window. This classic design is available in a range of finishes, so you’re sure to find an option that fits your home flawlessly. Choose a white or almond finish for the interior, or go for a natural look with our woodgrain patterns:

  • Natural Oak
  • Hillside Oak
  • Colonial Cherry

Our sliding windows are also available in a wide range of exterior palette options.

  • White
  • Almond
  • Bronze
  • Cream
  • Clay
  • Silver
  • Cocoa
  • Black
  • Forest Green

For more information about our sliding windows, call Window World at (407) 734-2996. We would be pleased to schedule your free estimate for replacement windows in your Orlando-area home. Be sure to ask us about our window financing options.

Main Types of Windows

With all the different types of windows available, it can be tricky to identify the right replacement windows for your home. You can get a basic introduction to the different types by watching the accompanying video. You’ll learn that bay windows are distinctive for their outward projection from the wall. These are commonly used in kitchen nooks.

The other types of windows covered in this video include corner, gable, and dormer windows. You’ll also learn about clerestory and casement windows. Although this video doesn’t discuss custom windows, a knowledgeable installer can share more information about them.

You can count on the team at Window World to give you the guidance you need to select the perfect replacement windows for your home in Orlando. Give us a call today at (407) 734-2996.

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